Week 3 Summary: Routines are in Order

So, I’ve completed my routines I aimed for and totally ready for tomorrow’s reset:

Renown: all my toons keep up. Even if they haven’t all completed the Vyraz lore chapter, Fate and Anima for the week are done. I’m ignoring assaults now except for my main, because they’re lengthy, too time consuming, annoyingly packed with fat and multiple mobs, and reward can be dismissed.

I’ve covered the Primus chapter – it’s not necessary, but it opens the extra world quest for Maldraxxians which has a chance to award the cosmetic set gear, source labeled in collection tab as “Korthia“! Mark you, the set fits all armor types, so all Maldraxxians can work on it and check for rewards daily, as the same day can bring several pieces on different alts. I presume as we help other Covenants by lore next weeks, we’ll have more quests for all others. It’s actually an amazing design – a thrill of a hunt, more quests become available, and speed up your Death Advance rep as the time passes.

Raid: has naturally been my major activity. I managed all toons through it, and the result for the first week is not that bad – at least 1 piece per armor type:

Also I got polearm and an off-hand, and Gear Vault awaits me tomorrow too! This farming stage is actually exciting, as I don’t have anything yet, and every next drop is one more item to the piggybank.

Drops: I’ve already figured out some of the rares that drop mounts and their conditions, and now hunting them on purpose if they get in the way. First, this guy which drops from a Korgthrozzzzzzz smth devourer rare:

Second, one of the Covenant-specific mounts, and the most precious as such:

I’m not even sure I want other Covenant mount recolors – only if they drop during my normal gameplay, but corpseflies are my one love in this patch.

Also this:

Now I have 2 backs and 3 shoulders, Torghast-themed – I guess the same stuff that drops and sells in Torghast, or slightly recolored, so that will do. Drops from the Mawsworn chests in Korthia.

Building My Covenant: my toons are actually getting some sweet anima now! I’m heavily investing in the building upgrades, because when time comes to farm anima for the remaining awards (that’s almost all of them), I want to maximize the income. Also, I try to empower anima torrents via Anima Conductor every day so I have all points open – again, when the time comes to farm anima, I need to be ready.

And that would be it for now. My routines are set and done: raiding, and if I have spare time, I try to resolve Fate and Anima weeklies on as many alts as possible. This week it was easy, but not when the next raid wings will open.

I love everything about Korthia, and I almost don’t visit the Maw.

Anticipating the next lore chapters. Liking the new patch very much.

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