The Routines of 9.1.: Main Course & No Pressure

It seems that turning my spreadsheet from a Procrustean weekly bed into a patch-long play-alts-at-will chart received another design nod from Blizzard.

The previous Renown levels of 1-40 required two quests to keep up. One, collect 20 souls which erased weekly. If you collected 2, 4, 13, 19 or even 20 and failed to give it in before reset, it will be removed from your quest log, and you had to start over. Two, collect 1000 anima which persisted through the reset. If you had 375/1000 anima, upon reset you pick up where you stopped, and you had 625 to go to finish the quest.

Guess what? The new weekly Fate quest behaves in the very same manner. If you filled the bar on an alt by 5, 10 or 80%, the quest does NOT reset or vanish from your log, and you pick up from where you stopped.

Of course, you’re losing a juicy weekly reward if you did not manage to complete it, but! This design erases pressure and urge to complete everything on all alts, and your previous efforts count, not nullified – the quest carriage does not turn back into pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight. Cool? Yes.

To me, it means that I just keep up with my main, and never struggle with my alts at all – just doing what I wish on a random alt, and only in the amounts I find fun and amusing, never stretching myself thin.

Another small quality of lilfe thing I’ve discovered is about the current Venthyr assault. The final doing in every Venthyr assault is eliminating a boss by going into 4 venthyr portals and redirecting mirrors of naaru light to the Maw.

When you go through the portals… you are in Revendreth. And Revendreth common rules work there, which means:

Yes, you can fly there and avoid most of the portal dangers! Sadly, no such shortcuts for the other assaults :)


The raid has naturally become my core activity since yesterday. I’m deep in wing one and raid transmog hunt, and all the rest stuff vanished to the background. Yes, I’m putting an effort into my main to complete both Renown quests on day one and see the campaign, but other than that I retreated to a normal model of gameplay on alts: login, pick up weeklies, immediately queue and do some Korthia/Maw stuff while waiting. The core task is to perform as many raid runs a week as possible, and if I have time, to finalize the weekly quests.

Assaults are my least favorite activity so far – exactly for the lengthy effort they require. If you get in, you’re bound to spend 30 minutes there, or you don’t get the essential reward, so. Compared to mere seconds and minutes that are required from Korthia activities, it feels kinda tedious by the time/reward rate. I must pick an achievement alt which will work an assault-themed stuff, and this is gonna be it. I don’t think they would be a must on all or even majority of my alts – only as a leisure activity when I have nothing else to do.


So, I’m all wrapped up around the raid now, and as I discovered there’s even less pressure on alts, my time in 9.1. became even more enjoyable.

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