Torghast is Still Torghast

Now I’m pretty much done with my alts for the week. Well, of course, there are always dailies, souls to collect, big chunk of anima world quests and stuff – but the big things are complete, and I can do what and with whom I please. I decided to give the new Torghast a try.

The first thing is that they fixed difficulty. I haven’t completed level 5 yet on any alt and grinded 4s for Soul Ash during my sessions in 9.0., but difficulty seems adjusted like a lot. My hunter swiped the whole lot of trash and bosses as if they were some previous expansion mobs.

The reduced number of floors is a big win. Floor 5 always felt totally anticlimactic and tedious, so it’s perfect that it’s gone.

The new meter is ok, I guess? It encourages to complete everything, like breaking every urn, save everything, avoid traps and reduce the enemy numbers to zero, but also not take too long and not die. These metrics are mutually excluding, so it’s kinda weird to try and fit into timer, while not missing anything. Also, I’m not sure about deaths – for example, I completed floor 1 perfect and fast, and got 79%, but died at floor 2 due to a careless pull of 3 elites, in general it took longer, and got 99%. Eh?

There’s no death counter or Tarragrue, also if you die at boss, it does not replenish health. Fail-safe.

The rip-off upgrade system from Horrific Visions is awesome. It’s a great visual of talent tree and a big help in further runs due to permanent upgrades it offers.

I’ve completed my test run with 4 stars, which is fine, I guess? Got nothing but a Soul Ash stack as a reward.

But all in all – it’s still Torghast, not worth any bother in my case. The runs are still boring and tedious, and even if they became a bit more exciting with progress systems and stuff, they definitely lack rewards and purpose.

Like I said before, currently I’ve zero desire to upgrade legendaries, and they would only exist in my system of coordinates until I surpass them by item level. Currently I upgraded them till 225 on all alts, and once I get anything better, I would immediately sacrifice their bonuses and the whole thing for good.

Then, there are progression achievements, and a new mount for completion of a meta, but let’s leave it to those players that lilke to push their boundaries and test their mettle. I’m not one of them guys, definitely – Legion’s Mage Tower was a nightmare I abandoned altogether in a 5-6 desperate failures, and I never been to any Torghast above layer 4 before this night. Hard pass.

As for cosmetic rewards, rumors are there are only shoulder/cloak mogs? I’ve got some pets in my previous runsin 9.0., and I could live without those tmog items – especially if they drop/sell layer 9 and above. Besides, aren’t they those that drop from Korthia activities/assault chests:

As you see, I already got two – and they are exactly what a Wowhead guide says about Torghast tmog awards. They’re fit for every class, shoulders-only, no stats, “cosmetic” label on the item. If so, well, I’m all good then. If not – well, it’s still not the reason to run Torghast, and I will get excellent Mawsworn-themed sets in Sanctum of Domination which already looms!


Long story short, I’m very much impressed by the work Blizzard has done here. I’ve yet to write a review about the patch, but Torghast stands in one row with all other systems so far: it became a lot more thought out, fleshed out, glittered with sparkles, and in general, quite a pleasant system to progress and spend time.

Only I would tell it’s still a thing for those pushing their gear boundaries and their gameplay limits. I would behave like a filthy casual, omit those goals, and put a “hard pass” brand on Torghast. At least for now.

The problem is not Torghast today – it’s yours truly :) So I would limit my Torghast adventures with Sanctum of Domination raid in the wake of first months, thank you very much!


Speaking of which. The reset and the raid launch is upon us, and tomorrow would bring us the biggest lore event in the last 3 years: the final fate of Sylvanas Windrunner. Stay tuned, as I expect a LOT of shitstorm within the community, whatever the outcome is.

I’m adamant in that no redemption is the only possible outcome in terms of any common human morale here, but Blizzard never ceases to surprise – both in good and bad ways. Anyways, I’m itching to learn and discuss whatever they prepared for her, Anduin and us! Meet you on the other side of reset – it’s gonna be steaming hot.

4 thoughts on “Torghast is Still Torghast

  1. One thing to note with Torghast, if you bought that thing from Ve’nari that increased your allowed number of deaths, you still have that. Your first death (maybe 2) doesn’t count against the score.


  2. Brokers on floors 3 and 5 sell 1-2 transmogs for 300 phantasma each (at least at layers 9 and 10 they do, not sure for 8 und lower). Adamantine vaults also give transmogs as rewards, but you need 5-star run on layer 9+ and the talent for vaults unlocked in the box to access them.


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