And Now We Fall Back And Chillax A Bit

The first week of Korthia/Maw adventures was quite positive in my camp. The base is settled, the zone explored, and rewards and goals are crystal clear.

Today I’m looking at my spreadsheet, and I’m happy with what I see here:

The first week’s goals for all alts were getting to Renown 42, closing the deal with available yellow/lore quests (namely, archive and fatescribe in Korthia), and completing both assaults. As you can see, I managed to complete this all (and whichever alt lacks completion will manage this exactly in the coming day-and-a-half before reset).

So, what’s the outcome and solutions for 9.1.?

1. The activities were perfectly spread across my alts during the week – as I’ll complete all the stuff exactly by the reset. But: it’s been a vacation week, so starting Wednesday, I’m “back” to my home office and will have less time to play.

2. Do I worry about it? The interesting thing is: I do not. Two reasons behind that: one, I’m not in a hurry at all, and two, 15 alts would stretch me thin and make me hate the grind in no time if I tried to keep up.

LFR – my raiding activity – opens in a week. The entry item level for Sanctum of Domination is only 195, and all my toons are set and ready – previously dwelling around 197, now already surpassing 200 with the new gear. So gearing up is out of question – or at least it will come naturally, raid or with Korthia item upgrades.

The amount of anima and the new currency is amazing. You might just sit and play for a while, and it rains upon you. Sooner or later, we’ll be there: all buildings will be upgraded, and rewards purchased. Now I feel like I’m finally getting something for my efforts, and yet there’s no stress of grinding it asap, I could miss a day or a week on an alt, and still be on the train.

Renown is the least of my worries. As in 9.0., 9.1. sports a number of catch-up mechanics, and the bigger is the gap the more Renown you will get through different activities. Let’s say I abandoned one of my alts sitting at Renown 42: in a couple of months I would gain 25 Renown levels in a day like it was the case of 9.0. The only thing important about the Renown is to keep it up-to-date on my main, because I need to see the story asap, unlock flying and whatever.

What’s My Gameplay Style is Gonna Be Now?

Starting with the next week, my priority will be my main. Micromantica will build up reputation achivement through everyday dailies, she will see every next assault firsthand, discover all lore, unlock flights, and the week after – she will be my raiding pioneer.

At the same time, I’ll be playing all other alts of course. But! in a leisure manner. When Micromantica’s done with her daily/weekly duties, I’ll think of what class or character I feel like playing today?

And I just take it and do all the stuff I feel like doing – it maybe a couple, or half a dozen alts in the night doing just dailies, or just one alt doing everything like souls, dailies, emissaries, grateful offerings, assaults, raid. My spreadsheet stays, yes, yet not as a grid to fill and catch up with, but rather for checking the progress and not leaving this or that alt too far behind.

The main idea is: no pressure at all, and no grind at all. What if my priest did not do a single daily and skipped both assaults, and just ran a raid wing during the whole week? She’s welcome! What if my DK sat on her butt for 2 weeks straight, and haven’t even logged in? She’s welcome! What if I devoted the whole evening running (god-forbid) Torghast on all alts? That’s an option!

I think the idea is clear. I’m crossing out every hint of pressure from my gameplay. And filling my goal spreadsheet, managing to do stuff before reset on every alt like I did before – is exactly what I want to get rid of now. Leisure, pleasure, and no stress at all – and I will enjoy the patch a lot longer than I would otherwise.

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