Endgame 9.1. Priorities

Alright, I’m glad to say that I’m all set and done, and in a patch loop again. Which is soooo comforting!

My alt grind has begun, and here’s the today’s priorities I’ve set for myself to track:

The most important columns are Fate (fill-the-bar) weekly quest, and assaults. Fate means Renown levels, so it’s a weekly must to complete, and Assaults have super juicy chest rewards to skip them: conduits, gold, gear, soul ash and what not! I omit anima-renown quest in my spreadsheet, because collecting 1000 is a joke nowadays – you don’t even need to track it, just make sure you have it when the week begins.

My goal is to keep us with the assaults, mostly – this is where I put my biggest effort. Fate quest luckily fills very quick, as you’re doing the very same assaults, and spruce it up with rares, dailies and chests on the way. In my spare time I do dailies and unlock/complete Fatescribe/Archive questlines, which are best done simultaneously. The fatescribe/archive yellow quests are not much of a rush, and I’m ok with stretching it over the next week if needed.

That’s my first week in 9.1., and today we have the next Assault coming, so I’ll be there :)

P.S. Now you can safely travel to Vault of Secrets and back – the southern part of Korthia. Blizzard have added a Maldraxxus winged beast in the lowest tier of Keeper’s Respite, our Korthia camp, so you’re free to taxi to the Vault and back:

It’s no big deal, as they planned to do this anyways – only after Chapter 4 next week. But as players already trying to find a way there and doing so, by dying, gliding and what not means, Blizzard thought, what the heck, let’s do it now!

There’s not much to do there, the island is populated by elites, and has no activities, so it’s just a tour/exploration achievement purpose today.

I like the patch very much now: lots of stuff to do, goals to pursue, and many secrets and things to discover. It’s good to be home, boys and girls.

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