Pre-Patch Week: FFXIV, AC: Valhalla and Legion Raiding

The countdown is now. Less than a week remains until 9.1. drops, and I’m busy doing different gaming stuff.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Let’s start with an easy one, shall we? Last time I logged out I had a big quest arc completed – the conquering and alliance with one of the big England zones, and all I had to do was to give in the quest reporting my success – pretty climactic. So I did when I launched the game this time, then went to another zone to proceed… and realized I don’t want to play the game anymore.

I’ve described in my previous Valhalla post that the game copes very well with a genuine experience of viking era – and in my case that ironically became its ruin. I don’t root for the tribe of plunderers, reavers and murderers – and the main hero as a part and a leader of this tribe. So as I rode to the next city, eliminated a traditional Assasin’s Creed cult target, and climbed a church to unlock a fast travel point – I realized that I couldn’t care less what happens next to my character. She could die by plot at this very moment, and I won’t have any tears to shed.

So, uhm… log out, uninstall was the only possible solution – without any intention to miss it someday and proceed.

So, this far in Assassin’s Creed series Odyssey takes a big place in my heart, a rarest example of the game you want to play even more after everything is finished. Origins was worse in many aspects, but good enough to make it to the end. Black Flag and Valhalla – dropped for good. Shall I be interested in further AC games? By all means.

Final Fantasy XIV. I reached level 47 and bumped into a level requirement wall. That’s right, to finish the story of the first installment (kinda local “Vanilla”), which is only 4 quests left, you have to be level 49. And that’s a total bummer!

Luckily, as in WoW, you can level in dungeons fast – and there’s a random dungeon finder too. I played maybe an hour, and made a level and a half, so I can proceed in no time. But do I want to proceed?

I’ve got very mixed feelings about FFXIV, and I addressed the issues previously too. Up until level 47, having seen most of the initial continent and almost all the vanilla story, I did not develop any bonds with characters and the world. The story is ok, I guess? But there’s nothing too great about it so far – it’s like a B-movie, which is entertaining while it lasts, but does not make you want for sequels, buy merch, organize or join fan communities, and all.

Gameplay is ok, and dungeons are fun, but the actual fighting and adventure takes very little time of playing time. Like 80% of the game you’re watching very silent, very slow and awkward cutscenes with wooden animations – and you’re supposed to read the amount of text enough to fill a small library all along. By level 40 I got used to fast forward all the talks – as they require 10 screens of dialogue to send you bring 10 bear asses, and the amount of vain blah blah blah even in the main story is unbearable.

Am I interested in what happens next to the nations and their struggle with the local big bad, a shameless ripoff from Star Wars Empire? Mildly. Will I miss the game if I delete it from hard drive? I think so.

So the verdict is: FFXIV lasts until the WoW 9.1. patch launch, and I would address it when I’d like something different from WoW routines. Well, I advanced quite far in FFXIV, after all – and it does become more interesting as I advance, but it still stays a B-class game for me. I mean, I’m having my moments, but if it suddenly disappeared tomorrow, I’d dismiss it from my life with a shrug.

And well, look at the environment – it’s like they forgot to add textures…

Legion Raids! Yes! Finally I can talk some WoW here!

After Shadowlands pre-expansion level squishing, the difficulty of previous content was scaled in a nasty way. Last time I checked (last month), the very first pack of Freehold curb-stomped my mage into the ground as if it were still BfA! I thought that +10 levels and +150 ilvl would be enough to solo the previous expansion dungeons – well, it’s not. So I didn’t even try Legion raids, even if I soloed up to Nighthold Normal back in BfA for Balance of Power quests.

Suddenly – thanks Twitter – I discovered that people are solo farming Legion raids now. I tried it yesterday… and well, it’s a thing. Tomb Normal was a yawn run, and my Holy Priest even managed Antorus Normal until she hit the wall of Coven/Varimathras which are impossible without a tank or a pet to cope with their mechanics.

Solution: it’s the perfect option now to wake my toons in their taverns, have lunch, shake the dust off their weapons, and, in general, remember which point of the weapon pokes the enemy. Up to Tomb Normal it’s a breeze for every spec (like it should be), so I’m off farming Legion transmogs. Woo-hoo!

My warrior ran the whole lot of raids, got a new mog yesterday, and ready to bash in some Maw skulls. The other gnomes and non-gnomes will follow.

We’re back, baby! Enter World, indeed – the time is now.

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