Shadowlands 9.1. Chains of Domination: Release Date Announced!

Finally, our wait is over!

Shadowlands patch 9.1. will be released on June 29/30 depending on the region – that is, less than two weeks from now.

The release date is nowhere unexpected. Most predicted as far as in March/April already that it’ll be late June/early July (me included), it’s about a month between TBCC release and patch release, and news headlines from PTR recently report about polishing things rather than some major work.

Still, some speculations exist whether a recent drift of streamers and influencers to FFXIV played its role, but let’s hope not. Covid or not, FFXIV or not, Blizzard had more than enough time to cobble up the patch sequel. As stated above, the release date does not seem rushed, but rather pretty much planned.

Needless to say, I’m rushing into Azeroth afterlife at the moment it goes live. I think a week before the patch I’ll start logging in again for a round of emissary quests or such – just to remember how to fight and walk in Azeroth :)

I wonder how the future of Shadowlands would look like in terms of schedule? It’s impossible to predict, but if I were Blizzard, I would release the final patch 9.2. and raid somewhen in November. And February 2022 / Blizzconline would be the best time to announce the next expansion and launch PTR, with a goal of Autumn 2022 to leave the realm of the dead. A year would be quite plausible and sufficient to nuke the hell out of the final raid and earn all the mogs and whatnots for anima. It’s just all other schedule scenarios would be Blizzard’s doom – if schedules drift towards delay, of course.


Meanwhile, I put aside AC: Valhalla until the next lull times as a moderately interesting, but not totally fun game, and playing FFXIV now. I’ve a couple of weeks until Chains of Domination to decide on the fate of FFXIV, but I seem to like it more and more as I advance. Maybe I will play both games simultaneously – with the Japanese neighbor title as a relief pastime between the heavy WoW grinds. As always, Torghast raid mogs won’t farm themselves :)

And damn it, I need me some new WoW content :) Azeroth (and beyond) is home, I never get tired of saying that.

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