A Bit of WoW and a Lot of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed series is coping with my WoW lull time particularly well. I’ve completed the main Odyssey game (without a couple of “expansion” aka DLC stories), and I’d say it’s one of the best things I’ve come across concerning single player titles.

Even without DLC, it took massive 105 hours to swipe it clean (130 by other counter which counts game on pause time). I’ve cleared all the map and explored every point of interest (camps, caves, tombs, shipwrecks etc) – which is not really required to finish the story, but it was so cool for an explorer/completionist like myself.

It was extremely cool to get THREE epic endings within the game, not one – and all arcs working in unison and rolling simultaneously. One, is you finding the bonds with your family (brother, dad and mom) – and the outcome depends on how many you decide to kill or forgive during the game for their past evil actions. Two, you’re hunting the evil cult which is harassing Greece from within and fueling war, and the second ending reveals the ultimate big bad. Three, it’s a cosmic/epic link to modern times – let me remind you that essentially AC games are basically a VR experience of a modern assassin/templar agent using your character’s old DNA to experience their memories and find old artifacts. All the three stories were super epic, touching, interesting, had unexpected twists and what not. And the character was witty, clever, fun and lovable which made the journey so fun and immersing!

I’ve explored in person – and in the web – a bit more about Assassin’s Creed series, and I discovered that they rebooted the series not so long ago. About a dozen games was kinda old AC, and Origins – Odyssey – Valhalla are a significant reboot of gameplay. Well, what can I say: I love the reboot, and I absolutely disliked the initiate games. Older games aged well concerning visuals, but are an absolute mess with convenience and user experience. In short, I’ve discovered that I’m struggling with interface, controls and mission design more than I do with my enemies, and this background discomfort made me drop them for good.

I’m one foot in now with AC: Origins – the Ancient Egypt setting, and it seems I’ll be there until WoW’s 9.1. It all works and plays almost identically with Odyssey, and I like the hero, the story and the world a lot – although Odyssey was imo better here and there – not drastically, but in so many small things. Even so, immersement is great, and I’m very eager to explore it till the end.

As for WoW, some great things are happening in TBCC and retail.

TBC is basically launched and ready, as you can already create and level draenei/blood elves, although you cannot into Outland yet, and the “expansion release” itself is not there until the beginning of June. I’ve downloaded the game client and played with the old character creation screen for a while. Then it struck me I’d have to level and play through all this mess of the old content, and I simply said no-no, not my piece of cake.

What is good is that retail news resumed rolling in. I’m reading as far as datamined news headlines – without going too deep into exploration of systems and totally ignoring lore spoilers – and it seems that they really fueled the development, as more and more tweaks and additions come into focus in the past couple of weeks. The news also sound a lot like polishing rather than development, which is also good news! They are testing the final Sylvanas raid encounter this week, so I hope we get 9.1. in June. Middle of the month would be too optimistic (and too close to TBCC release), but please make it not July :)

I’ve logged in yesterday for a short session, and I realized how I missed it (as if there was any doubt). I did nothing special, just an emissary/souls streak for a couple of characters – but it immediately reminds you that other games are games, but WoW is home.

I think I would do the same once in a while – not to let the spec and class rotations get rusty too much, and 6k gold per character’s quick session is very welcome as I’m like 100-200 gold coins broke per character. At least they’ll all need to have their transmog allowance xD

Having fun with Ubisoft and their Assassin’s Creed, but can’t wait to get back into my WoW home for the new content.

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