9.0. Officially Done! What’s Next?

Today’s my birthday, I dinged 38 (which is already not over 35, but under 40), and I got probably one of the most precious presents – from Sire Denathrius:

That’s right – my dance macabre in Nathria raid is over! Zenith spherule was traded for a venthyr fist weapon, a cool one btw, skulls and blood over a claw – and this makes it the final transmog piece my toons are eligible to get. Most importantly, it’s a relief of no queues and no more Nathria runs which has grown too stale to continue – and not my favorite WoW raid, to put it politely.

Like this was not enough, I managed to:

It was a really tight endeavor today! By the time I completed dailies, hunt and several rares, I had 4+ Jailer’s GTA stars, but also 20870 rep. I decided I must do it today, because, duh, it’s my birthday or not?

I risked a normal rare kill – it didn’t pop the 5 star, and brought me to 20910. Now it had to be 3 rares – which would definitely put me into the ground – or a single big rare. I spent the last hour camping the respawn of Borr-Geth – you know, the big guy by Ven’ari. I dodged the bombs, I killed assassins and I killed the winged fucks dragging me up into the air – nothing too dangerous, but you had to keep an eye on them. And Borr-Geth finally came:

Wowhead said he gave 100 rep – well, it was 90. EXACTLY this much I needed to get the achievement – I think I never reached Exalted with this precision. On second thought though, he gave 90, not 100 because I reached Exalted :) Heh-heh. But my first thought made me even happier when I got the achievement!

A final yellow quest from Ven’ari tomorrow, and I will not login into WoW till 9.1. The irony is, I’d like to play WoW now – a lot! – but I’m so sick of current content that I cannot make myself even to kill an anima world boss or collect souls while in raid queues. I’m not planning to play TBC as I crawled more than enough through this content in retail, including tmog farms last year, so… see you in 9.1.?

I think I’ll be commenting on the WoW news that catch my attention, and also write some reviews about the games I’m playing, but not in a diary mode, as this blog remains WoW-devoted.

What now?

My heart nowadays lies with Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed series. I’m currently playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – the Ancient Greece setting and story. Coolest characters, simple and fun gameplay, very-very engaging quests including side stories, beautiful if not diverse Mediterranean scenery, and a heaven for an explorer and a completionist – in short, it’s like a game made specially for me!

I’ve played 60 hours so far – that’s a lot for a single player title. In comparison, I’ve walked through Horizon Zero Dawn, SW Battlefront and SW Jedi in about 23-25 hours each. There’s still a lot to do in Odyssey, and I’m just happy about that. True, it’s one of the longest games in series, but I also don’t rush through the story, and crawling through every nook and cranny, finding treasures, exploring tombs and shipwrecks, and devastating camps which are conveniently all marked on the map, and ticked off as you complete them:

Now you see why I call it explorer/completionist heaven? :)

After that I’m planning more Assassin’s Creed – I’ve got Black Flag as a birthday present (which is set in Carribean pirate era) and the next is gonna be Origins (Ancient Egypt). There’s like a dozen games in series, but I’m not too interested in other historical settings so far.

See you sometime around… and nothing would make me happier than to return back to WoW for the new content!

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