Yet Another Culling

I thought it’s a great time to perform another culling of my roster. There were several reasons beyond that.

First, I’ve played enough Covenant collectibles so far – getting the initiate campaign sets and Nathria weapons, and dismissing the recolor hunt due to anima gameplay design. As the transmog 9.1. will be now armor-type and then class-specific, there’s no need now to have 16 anymore – each by Covenant and armor type.

Second, what started as another character for another spec, leveled as lull characters, are not valid anymore. In most cases I swapped doubles to the spec I prefer – and having, for example, 2 sub rogues or 2 balance druids now seems a bit excessive.

Third, it’s reducing the alt number to decrease repetitiveness and overall grind.

Anyways, I now tried to make it 1 class – 1 character, the Legion model, with a few exceptions. So, what we have now.

Mage: Micromantica my main, obviously, but I also left Heltzen the Goblin on the Horde side. Micromantica has always been Frost, and I leveled too many new Fire Mages in my time to make the Fire deletion mistake again :)

Priest: Jellica the Gnome. No cuts here, she’s the priest in my roster.

Warlock: Myrki the Gnome. I culled her goblin counterpart because I’m not a fan of current Affliction or god forbid Demonology, so that was easy.

Druid: Maylune the Night Elf. Iconic starchild, she doesn’t need a double. Jammu the Highmountain, first leveled for an allied race achievement, was a fun character, but she now returns home to the mountains.

Rogue: Pins the Gnome. Never a fan of undead, I’ve easily dismissed Rottenshield, a totally lull-leveled character.

Monk: Paitsu the Gnome was the monk, so no cuts here.

Demon Hunter: Melaris the Demon Hunter. No doubles, no cuts.

Shaman: Schlitzchen the Goblin. She’s my main toon on the Horde side. The problem is, I enjoy both Enhancement and Elemental playing styles. I decided she would double-spec, cause I’m not a fan of Enhancement in raids, really, but it absolutely shines during world quests, open world content, Torghast and alike, while Elemental is a total mess and super dangerous slow spec if you have to meet enemies face-to-face. So her double walks out, and she now needs a casting staff and a trinket.

Hunter: it’s a lol, cause all three hunters remain intact. Myde the Night Elf is a bow marksman, my favorite spec and a canonical character, Lizgun the Goblin is a gunner marksman (totally different vibe!), and Kalaari the Draenei is Survival which is a totally different class.

Death Knight: Mindebad the Gnome remains my Frost death knight, and her double, which started as a Blood, fun at leveling, but not enjoyed in group content, goes away.

Paladin: It was a hard choice between Anibell the Human and Oluu the Lightforged, but they doubled each other in every aspect except appearance: Covenant, profession, spec… I decided I leave the Lightforged, because we’ll presumably go to space and/ot other planets some time soon.

Warrior: I enjoyed both Fury and Arms, but two warriors still seemed excessive. Besides, both specs don’t even need another weapon: you just need to bag one weapon if you want to play Arms at any time given. So one warrior it is, and it’s also a case of what I call Gnomification, just take a look at my brand new bulldozer:

The culling is now complete. Well, it’s not the target 12, but at the same time it’s not the previous 22… and I really need all those hunters xD

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