Torghast Datamined Changes

Wowhead and other WoW-related resources are reporting multiple improvements (?) in Torghast.

The overall direction is about making the whole system shinier, some catch-up mechanics are naturally woven in for latecomers/alts, and several new systems are implemented, like ranks, perks, affixes, layers, soft timers, removal of death counter and many, many more – also adding up harder stuff and new legendary currency for the next 5-6 ranks.

While Torghast on paper now looks a lot more like a better worked out and developed system, which is a natural and expected improvement, at the same time I can’t shake off the feeling (as many others feel too) that it doesn’t make it more replayable. I think that alts or latecomers would find the experience more pleasant, understandable, and in general – I dare say – more fun.

At the same time, it’s still lacking rewards. The only valid reason to go there remains to be legendary ash, period.

I have a feeling that the only thing that could make it worth the development resources spent would be another option of gearing up. That would at least justify the time spent and make it replayable throughout expansion for the majority of players.

Personally I’m not interested in mounts, pets at this stage, and Torghast-style transmog will drop from the raid. I also think I draw the line with legendary pieces and leave that to min-maxers. Once I get a drop that overlaps my legendary piece of 225, I would replace it, and that will be it (in 9.1., or more likely 9.2.).

Torghast to me is simply boring as is, no matter how many changes or rewards are or will be there. There is a limit of how many runs I could do in repeatable content. I do dungeons only until the first raid and only to gear up, I transfer to the new raids once new patches are released, and perks like islands, warfronts, horrific visions or Torghast are quite enough to last through the release patch. I think this is also the major reason that I don’t do PvP – lack of story progression and repetitiveness… seriously, should I care about Warsong/Sentinels brawl over a random grove in 2021 which they can’t solve throughout decades?

The tower stage for yours truly is now complete. I had my moments there (it wasn’t too bad), I achieved some goals, but to me it’s time to move on, and the 9.1. raid will be a great climax for the experience and location.

I dare Blizzard to offer fun rewards worth re-runs :) So far, I doubt there will be any for myself.

3 thoughts on “Torghast Datamined Changes

  1. I’m kinda pissed that they are introducing affixes and timers; I don’t like m+ for this reason, it is like adding artificial pressure; why they’d drag those solutions to torghast is beyond me. They will say no timer but with an affix like “lose 1% of your health every second” and things like hot streaks; this will be a very different experience when, for me only it seems, I like torghast and it’s full clears and increased funny and funky perks along the way.

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    • It seems like m+ solutions that felt valid to add and increase replayability. The key thing is that rewards increase replayability :) I think we will hear something about that soon – player community was very vocal that ash alone does not suffice.

      My baseline though is: I played enough Torghast, I’m done with the tower. It’s not bad in its current state, I had more fun than with islands and visions, less than with warfronts, but this part of content is over to me, like initiate dungeons or Nathria.

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  2. Since I’ve not been fond of Torghast at all, all of these new things being added don’t interest me in the slightest. I’m inclined to agree with Wrathsome that some of them sound like they will make Torghast *less* fun for me.
    So I’d better get Kaelinda in there and get the questline finished before the patch drops, so that then all the rest of my characters will be able to just opt out of Torghast entirely.

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