The Maw Walker

The choice of character for my Maw adventures was pretty obvious – Maylune the Balance Druid.

  • Maylune can sneak around in cat form and get to most places with as little combat as possible.
  • Unlike a rogue which can do the same, Maylune has a great self-healing kit.
  • As a Balance druid, she can engage in the most dangerous fights from afar.
  • As a druid, she can cover the few safe roads faster than everyone else in travel form.
  • As a Night Fae, she’s got this overpowered Covenant ability to halve a boss in a matter of seconds, or demolish big groups of henchmen.
  • And as a Night Elf, she has a racial which allows to vanish from tight combat once in 2 minutes!

Who’s to be the Maw Walker but her?

Jokes aside – and considering all of the night-elf-fae-druid cheats listed above – I find my daily 30-minute routines in the Maw quite fun. Trips to the dangerous Perdition Hold are best scheduled in busy hours – reset days, or evenings to ease the mob density and their elite-ness. All other tasks it’s easy and fast to complete solo in most cases.

As I ignored the Maw completely during this half-a-year, except for the 3 souls spot by Zovaal’s Cauldron, everything feels new and exciting. It’s cool to explore and sneak around, and dailies/weeklies feel fresh – well, at least there will be no fatigue by the time I complete my goals.

The goal is Ven’ari Exalted – I’m 3/21 final reputation bar – and that will finalize my adventure in 9.0. Also several achievements on the way don’t hurt – I’m almost done with Grand Theft Shadehound, and I’ve already completed this:

It would be nice to also complete the big boss achievement, and collect all the random quest item drops, but the first requires a group, and the second is total random, so I won’t do that on purpose.

As I’m playing the other games now – a lot – I can’t help thinking how awesome WoW actually is with all its flaws. Convenient, homely, and flawless about what concerns the stability, controls and the actual running of the game and in game. The Maw gives me a purpose to login for another while and prolong the days of 9.0. – and I’m thankful for that. Also it’s precious in terms that I don’t grind it on all toons :) One more pint of WoW, please.

Such a tender post we have here heh :) The point is, I’m happy to be in WoW with a legit reason, and I’m actually having fun in the Maw now – if only for some minutes a day.

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