A Blade, a Maw and a Purse of 45k Gold

So, this is actually the list of my remaining tasks for 9.0.

Yesterday was a day full of events.

  • I finished Torghast for Soul Ash on all toons and now can flip the bird goodbye to the tower. Granted that the LFR ilvl in 9.1. will be 213/220, my 225 is still exceeding this, and I can ignore the boredom of the tower runs for at least another patch. Hooray!
  • I’ve finished Venthyr reputation on Micromantica, and purchased the final steed and tabard, while also earning:

It was not really expected. Last time I checked the progress in BFA, I knew I was close and would hit it in Shadowlands. But getting this along with Venthyr final rep achievement was very climactic. Anyways, my main is totally done until 9.0.

So, what remains?

  • A Blade. Pins is the last to farm the raid weapon – she now lacks a venthyr fist piece. One full raid clearing weekly, 3 tries for the item token (Denathrius, Council and Gear Vault). All the rest sets and weapons on Covenants are mine!
  • A Maw. Maylune is now 3k/7k in the last but one Ven’ari reputation bar, so she will be cat-sneaking her ways in Jailer’s domain for 30-40 minutes daily (Jailer’s Eye level 3 is my limit) until Exalted.
  • A Purse. 45k gold is the auction price for the legendary upgrade of Schlitzchen’s belt. Now that I purchased upgrades for everyone else, my roster is drained dry – about 500 g per character, not even enough for repairs or tmogs! Technically this could be done in 1 day: I have 11 Horde toons, and completing 3 emissaries is 6k, so 11*6=66k. But I’m taking my time here.

And that is all I want from 9.0.

There are achievements of exploration, namely treasures and rares, but as usual, I’m leaving it until flying which is gonna make things a hundred times easier.

There are buildings activities… which I do not want to play with. I hate running around for a couple of hours to prepare for a 5-minute Ember Court event every week. I hated Path of Ascension fights, so I’m not doing them at all no matter anima or not. Stitching Factory seems at least straightforward daily questing, but also tedious. And Conservatory does not require anything except a tank of anima to purchase it all.

I think I would limit myself to Renown recolors on covenants later into the expansion, and whatever common mounts/stuff Fae Conservatory will provide. But that is put for laters, I’m not grinding anima specifically for this.

So far, my big goals are achieved, and I’m left with barely an hour of daily gameplay for the time being and a single LFR upon reset. Dobby is free!

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