Toss an Anima to Your Player…

Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom, and an attempt to save their shrinking player base in 9.0., have implemented an anima update:

As always, it’s wrong on so many levels – I don’t even need to explain them, just list the obvious flaws:

  • Non-account wide. Even if you’re hunting Adventure Table mounts on one toon, invest into Adventure table on every character hunting their Covenant-specific stuff.
  • Does not touch the biggest anima sources: like world bos world quest, souls at max quest and all.
  • You have to invest anima in buildings you do not care about. To maximize you anima rewards, you are supposed to have level 3 adventure table, for example – and that’s 15k anima down the drain.

Most and foremost: too little and too late. People have consumed the content, they are NOT happy with anima income on base level (you can’t buy a Renown item if you did your weekly chores, save mounts or buildings). Adding a bonus baby step to 10 baby usual weekly steps does not help at all, and will certainly NOT make people grind anima specifically as the current patch goals are achieved.

And what’s worse, it’s bad communication about rewards too.

Are they meant to last throughout expansion? Well, the novelty lasts until the next patch, and people are ready to move on to the next sets and mounts and pets and what not. So people are ready to move on now, not buy level 5 building and sets at 2022.

Are they supposed to be purchased during 9.0.? Well, we’ve been whining about discouraging anima since December, and a HUGE improvement should have been made at least in January, not this ridiculous steps. And please don’t tell me they’re planning anima rewards for Chains of Domination and on, because in that case they’re wasting the development resources on something no one could buy.

As you know, I’m always devil’s advocate in terms of WoW development, but these sorts of decisions and addressing player concerns really pisses me off.

If people are unhappy with what should have been anima FLOW is merely a DROP in game, you should make it a FLOW, not a DROP with 20% update. It’s still a DROP, guys.

Ugh. At least it’s nice how people on Twitter and forums feel the very same.

P.S. Frankly, it’s just insulting. I’d better live without this change, hoping for a better future in 9.1. thatn THIS.

2 thoughts on “Toss an Anima to Your Player…

  1. Whole heartedly agree. Much to little, too late. I am down to playing about 2 hours a week. I cringe at doing the same thing over and over. I know I could log in every day and make thousands of gold with little effort. I could have my next level legendary with a dedicated evening of doing a few tower runs. But I just don’t care about the story. I certainly have no desire to work on a vampire dinner party. The last time I was on I rode around in carriages knocking off ones for an achievement. We did a few mythic Legion raids. To be honest, I could easily walk away from the game without hesitation. I don’t know what is missing, maybe the endless grinds of doing world quests for paragon rep boxes. Maybe it goes back to Pandaria with the endless achievements. I honestly don’t know anymore.


  2. I’d have to agree. If this was in place at launch and not account-wide, I might not be angry about this. However, this is the nail in the coffin for me. I will not be grinding anima at all beyond my mains. They can kiss the player time good bye.

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