The End?

My journey in 9.0. comes to an end – a bit sooner than I expected.

Raid. Whether Blizzard tweaked Gear Vault, or not, but it’s not working as we thought previously. Before the last week, I was very much sure that you’ll get Vault rewards only from bosses you’ve killed. Wrong! Pins’ reward was Cowled Batwing cloak from Shriekwing, and I’m 100% certain that I did not do the Stone bosses wing – cause it doesn’t drop weapon tokens.

This results in a very simple solution: the goal now is to maximize reward choice, so I’m killing 9 bosses now on toons hunting transmog. Kalaari got her Fae bow this week, so it’s just 2 items to go :) An intellect Kyrian sword will seal the deal at once for Paitsu, Anibell and Oluu, and that will leave us with a single raid run on reset day for Venthyr fist weapon. Could happen any time now.

Torghast. I’ve finished the Bolvar story yesterday on all toons, and only wing runs for Soul Ash remain. Technically I could complete them before reset – except Pins – because I’ve discovered that layer 4 does not differ by difficulty from layer 3 at all as I feel it, so 750 ash is my current weekly income. Granted I need just 1200 for the final upgrade – and look where we are – it’s 1-2 wings to complete, and the toon is done with Torghast for now. It is extremely satisfying to run the wing and feel that it’s the last one on current toon!

Ironically, we’ll get back to Torghast in the next patch – and be there big time for the new raid and also upgrading the inevitable ilvl growth of legendaries, but yet it’s gonna be so cool to forget about it for a while.

Legendaries. As you see, I’m pretty broke, and even if my toons naturally share the gold among themselves, by the time I buy the legendary upgrades for everyone I’m not gonna have enough coin for transmogs or even repairs. I’m not miserable about that, as you just have to play half an hour to get 6k per toon every 3 days, still I may need to grind emissaries a bit to complete the legendary goals. I guess next week is gonna be about emissaries rather than Torghast.

Reputations. Micromantica is 700 rep away from Venthyr Exalted now – I may even grind some WQ to finish it without emissaries, and I’ll have 30 min sessions on Maylune daily to get Ven’ari rep achievement (currently lazy-skipping it).

Buildings. I’ve built tier 1 on almost all toons of all buildings I care about – the rest will have to wait unil the next patch and resumed anima income. It seems like a great time to slowly farm anima and grateful offerings now, but I’m not in the mood really – I could let those couple of months until the next patch to be wasted.

Likewise, I’m not currently interested in Ember Court, Path of Ascencion, or Stitching – the grind, especially prep for Path and Ember Court, seems pretty boring, and you need some horse amounts of anima anyways to advance there, because building tiers.


Conclusion is simple: content is almost done here. My toons are on the same level of development considering story, gear and mogs, and now totally ready for patch 9.1. WoW is not entirely set on pause, but apart from cherry-picking content for the very few remaining goals I’ve mentioned, my roster is going to be benched for a while.

Let’s hope that PTR is not gonna be long, and we’ll see what Blizzard prepared for us next!

So far it feels totally awesome to login on a toon for 30-60 minutes of Torghast and realize it’s the last 30-60 minutes to complete all the 9.0. duties and be free!

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