Trivia: A Couple of Weeks?

It is reset day, and a new coil towards the end of my personal tunnel.

This week was marked with completion of another couple of milestones: first, I’ve completed Renown on all toons, second, Thrall leg of Torghast journey is also done.

Correction: previously we thought that only Souls/1000 Anima quests can take you through the final 2 levels 39-40. It is wrong, and you may get them through other activities – but provided you coped with Souls/Anima quests for the week. I left 3 of my toons at 38-39, presuming it’s gonna be next week, and yet they got emissary Renown rewards.

Torghast is likely to be a matter of a couple of weeks. This reset I’m focusing on Twisting Corridors to finish the story and get this 1250 anima chunk for those who haven’t got it yet. After that, it’s just common wing grind until I have 1200 ash to upgrade to my final desired legendary level of 3. I’m not farming 4, because it’s too expensive in gold value and tasking for Torghast re-runs. So level 3 it is.

I also need to grind some emissary gold to buy this level 3 upgrade, and this will mark the end of toon gameplay in 9.0. We’ll have Renown at max, legendary 3, all stories so far completed, and buildings done.

What is left will be several personal goals:

  • Venthyr Exalted on Micromantica
  • Ven’ari Exalted on Maylune
  • Remaining Venthyr fist, Fae bow and Kyrian intellect sword tries for 5 toons in Nathria.

As I said before, I’m not doing any farming apart from the goals I mentioned. Lull could seem a perfect time for this, yet anima income is too discouraging even with all the recent boosts. What I mean to say is that anima should come the usual way, as a side effect of your normal activities, not as a goal itself. If I’m done with Nathria transmogs, I’m not running the raid just for anima, even if it’s 1000+ per single full run, even if I have time for this. Dungeons are a past step for me, as usual, I played them more than I would have liked during leveling and gearing, so I’m not doing Oribos dungeon quests.

You get the point.

The thing is, if I get about 60-80% of currency through my normal gameplay required to purchase all the rewards, I would brace myself and farm the rest. So far it seems I’ve arrived at 10-20% required anima after consuming ALL the patch content (dungeons, raids, world quests, gearing up, story), and farming the rest of anima specifically is totally meh.

So, all the Covenant mounts, buildings, sets may rest in peace if 9.1. and 9.2. don’t provide enough to purchase them. It’s that simple.

And that leaves us with a couple of weeks of gameplay left – or rather, intense Torghast farming. After that, it’s gonna be just fishing out weapons from Nathria on reset day, and an emissary or two if I have the urge to play some WoW. But technically, I’m almost done with my goals and entering a hiatus until 9.1. without anything major to report.

As I say, it’s not bad, it’s just covid times we live in which delay the content production. I’ve purchased some games, and I’ll have a review post soon about what I’ll be playing now!

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