Trivia: Weekly Chores Done

First of all, this:

No achievement attached, hey! Anyways, for now my main’s done with the Anima Conductor chores. It took little to no time once I activated the second Conductor tier – 2-2,5k reputation every day is gorgeous. Now I’m sitting on 166 grateful offerings, which is enough 5 times to by all goods from faction vendor… when I have anima for that, lol.

I focused on gear spreadsheet, and there’s our progress:

Reset Day:


That’s right, only weapon for Pins (because her spherule buys the missing transmog) and one ring for Rottenshield to go from world quests! Gorgul’s neck is gonna be the legendary piece once Soulforges wing procs in Torghast with the power I picked to attach there.

I also focused Renown big time this week, and almost all toons are 35 and up now – which makes it next week to finalize this step too:

In Torghast, we’ve all done Jaina step and now proceeding with Thrall and Anduin whereabouts to complete the story and get 1250 anima. This could be done in one day, but it’s 6 Torghast runs per toon (2 wings + Thrall rescue + 3 Twisting Corridor bosses), so it’s normally not happening in one sit.

I’ve decided I’m not farming Covenant rep on all alts. Exalted allows to purchase back appearances, mounts and tabards, which can be done on my main, and 200-ilvl gear is an insufficient upgrade to my 197, so… Micromantica it is. I’ve 12k Revered on venthyr and 18k on necrolords/kyrian, so it’s also a question of the next week or two.

Long story short, I’m rapidly closing in to the end of my activities. After that? It’s only Torghast runs for legendary upgrades and well, Covenant building activity farming on alts. That is not a lot really. It’s good to see the end of the current tunnel… at the same time, what should I do during lull? Surely anima farming is not an option – unless it’s world boss or Maldraxxus arena quests for a sweet 250 chunks in 5 minutes. Raid will be abandoned as soon as the mogs are mine – even now I’m skipping it even for Renown.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Weekly Chores Done

  1. I’ll only have two characters in one of the four covenants — at least until the very tail end of the expansion, when I might bring up one or two more — but I’ve also realized that I really only need to do the rep farming with my main. My Druid can get the stuff from Marasmius reputation; my Night Fae Mage will only need to open up the three stages of the travel network. I guess the Mage will need to do her own Court of Night rep, but as you’ve noted, that comes naturally from the Anima Conductor.

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  2. When you say you’re done rep farming on your alts, do you mean grinding every calling there is? Or do you still do some during your LFR queues? I recently tried to start doing every calling I could, but after a couple days, I’m changing my mind. Now I’ll probably just do some during my LFR queues, and maybe more at the end of the week if I finish all my torghast and LFRs. It just seems so intimidating to do all the callings, torghast, and LFR on my characters (and I only have 8 right now!). Huge kudos to you for maintaining your army!


    • Hi, sorry for the delayed answer :) Previously I planned working on Exalted on all alts, but I’m dropping it as I wrote. I do some callings just while in queues or if I need gold, but it’s not something I focus on now.


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