Trivia: Weekly Update

The gameplay currently has reduced to sheer grind – I can’t pick another word. We need to grind everything, there’s so much to do, and all of the activities are an immediate cringe once you go for them.

There is a lot of Torghast on my hands – and I can’t make myself go there more than 1 toon per day. Yes, you can beat Thrall/Anduin chapters in one week, and I would put Twisting Corridors run aside, because 2 wings + saving Thrall + Twisting Corridors is 4,5 Torghast runs, and that’s a lot. I do need to push through the story, so that my Torghast time will be reduced to wings only, that I could manage.

There is a lot of rep to farm, and while it’s not really tedious – hey, 30-40 minutes per 2-3 emissaries and 1800ish rep boost is quite palpable – it’s not too inspiring. Of course, gold and conduits and massive rep increase per such a small time spent is worth running, but quest diversity is scarce compared to Legion/BfA, so here we go again. I would put an emissary aside if there are no quick quests, like a profession, or owl chores, or something like that.

As you may have noticed, I’ve reviewed the Covenant buildings progress (last columns), and it’s not a bright picture. I do not want to get busy with any of Special activities – neither court, stitching or ascension are fun, conservatory is at least a thing in itself and requires only building level 5, then planting for mounts and buying a transmog set for anima, period.

Anima Conductor level 2 is a great thing. You get extra quest/activity points, and now it’s 2000-2500 rep for Court of Night every day! I’ll be there Exalted in no time, so the set and other rewards is basically mine… when I have enough anima.

Yes, Blizzard painted themselves into a corner. They provided a massive amount of rewards and attempted to make them last throughout the expansion. It hits back where they did not expect it: the feeble anima income is so uninspiring that people just feel exhausted, non-motivated, and would rather drop the whole thing at all than work throughout expansion. “Just playing” is where you must get a lot of anima, and have a visible progress in the end of your normal session. Upon reset day you should be able to buy something, not nothing. Considering game design, they did not predict one simple thing: as time passes, the novelty and excitement wears thin, and people are ready to proceed to other things: be it new zones, new stories, new raids, new currency or new mounts and mogs (mythic dungeons aside, I don’t get it how people are actually running them expansion-long).

Personally, I’m ready to call it quits – with all my dedication. I got the story Covenant sets, so there’s something to mark this step in my collections, I already have several versions of Covenant mounts – and I’m not sure how many more recolors of phalynx, tauralus, stags and gargon I need… maybe none? The plan is simple: I switch to my normal WoW activities like gearing up, completing stories – including Torghast, yes, Torghast, and reputation. Let anima flow as it flows. If I’m able to buy the goods by the end of the expansion, good. If not – well, keep it to yourself.

I did a review of gear-to-go on my toons, and it actually looks great:

Green is the target minimum, and this is: at least 197 for head -> feet because Covenant armor final upgrade, and necks, rings, trinkets and weapons must be at least 187, because LFR item level. Now that I have the maxed world quest rewards, I’m just checking them daily for non-set items, and driving my toons there immediately one by one. For example, there were sweetest Revendreth quests yesterday: I’ve covered ring slot for 8 of my toons for a simple, 2-minute culling of 10 animals, and another day was mirror-burning the vampires which completed my trinket column!

Nathria is almost done: 3 weapons to go, and I’m also exploiting it for Renown levels and anima sometimes – the latter runs are a relief, because you have guaranteed rewards, and no drop worries at all. Maybe after I get all transmogs I would quit the raid for good, as I’ve seen enough of Denathrius and his minions.

In short, the delayed development schedule and currency design, while understandable, takes some heavy toll on players like myself – and eventually Blizzard. I only hope they make anima flow as azerite or artifact power did – naturally and literally out of everywhere. The best and only option would be getting enough and from just any activities. Otherwise, all the rewards are just not required, and it’s too hard to keep us engaged.

14 thoughts on “Trivia: Weekly Update

  1. I got renown 40, and it felt like a let down. No special quest or big anima reward, just the mount at 39 and title at 40. And I’m dreading the next incoming content patch where they will most likely double down of the feature and raise it to 80. Certainly it’s great that every few days you can log in and knock it all out in a few hours, or every day for 4,000 odd gold. But I’m caught up, and going back to old content. Got a few Mythic Legion raids cleared. Helya is giving us a headache, may need a few extra people to just take her down. May go back to Tannan Jungle to farm fangs I need for a mount. There’s lots to do in old zones.

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  2. I really do agree with you that the variety of quests is very lacking. We need some one-shot-single-boss type quests to speed things along and a much wider range of quests to do. I like it when I have to train someone from my covenant but they could be at least a little more chirpy.

    When we get the fill-the-bar quest in Bastion as a daily, there is a boss that has four mini-dudes to kill like a turtle and that is a sudden 80% filled bar (it can give you three coins too) — we need a LOT more of that in each zone!

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  3. I agree that we need more WQ options in the rotation. I’m already familiar to the point of boredom with the existing WQs, to the point that the idea of *leveling* with the WQs if I choose Threads of Fate instead of the Narrative Campaign seems like it would be quite a drag.


    • Threads are leveled actually with “Sojourner” questlines – the yellow quests you see on the map make about 80% of overall XP. World quests are counterproductive – only if you meet them on the way, and by no means leveling through them alone.

      Yes, the number of quests is too scarce. I’d say no more than 40 quests per zone, and that’s too repetitive for comfort and fun.


  4. I decided to pace myself and focus on one aspect at a time. After completing the storyline, I got my larion mount. Then I got to 40 renown, then Torghast 1-8. Now I’m branding off to Maw quests, carving legendary, running Twisting Corridors (up to 4th layer but keep dying at floor 13 on Shadow Priest. Playing with very very knowledgeable players.)

    I’m not tired. I’m actually pretty addicted, but I do feel Twisting Corridors is absolutely exhausting. Making costly mistakes has felt like a real stigma, the team gets upset and tings fall apart. I’m going to keep going until I get my Corridor Creeper, though.

    I appreciate how candid you are and respect the amount of characters you’ve got. Takes a lot of work!

    With so many mounts I am finding I have a long to-do list. After Corridor Creeper I want to try for the Sintouched Deathwalker. It seems impossible…. but so did layer 8 of Torghast, and now it’s a breeze with a capable group.

    Really enjoyed your blog, I’m new to this blogosphere. I have a blog too and I am inspired to start talking about my WOW adventures on it. I’m probably going to take a bunch of screen caps this week so I can get started posting.


    • Hi and welcome, we have a great blogging WoW community sharing and discussing quite different experiences and approaches to the game we all care about :) Every new angle is welcome.


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