Covenant Swap Catch-Up Experience

I’m currently on my plan of swapping covenants for a couple of toons. I’m not happy with the new demon hunter’s Necrolord ability, so she went Necrolord -> Fae, and Rottenshield the Undead Rogue joined Maldraxxi to fill the Necrolord leather slot, but also it feels so much more natural then her previous Kyrian (frankly: a weird choice).

What can I say? I’ve tested catching up on Rottenshield. She left Kyrian at Renown 27, well here we are now in a course of 1 day:

Sources of Renown:

  • Obviously Souls/Anima quests
  • A world boss kill
  • A full LFR clearance
  • 3-4 emissary chests
  • Campaign chapters
  • No dungeons at all cause I hate them – you could get extra levels if queued for a random one

If I play her upon the next reset in the same active manner, I’ll be by Renown cap in no time. So swapping Covenants does toss you back of course, but nothing too scary not to catch up in 2-3 weeks.

Oh, cherry on top: they do give you a weapon spherule award for completing the campaign, so I also completed the new Covenant weapon transmog! In case of Melaris, it will not only be a Fae weapon transmog, but also a +43 ilvl upgrade of her second warglaive.

Not punishing at all in my opinion, so swap Covenants at ease. Side note: yes, you lose all buildings and anima currently on you upon swap, but this was not the case for both of these toons, as they did not progress at all there. The transition was as painless as possible – except for some extra playing time spent.

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