…and Fuck You Too, Sir!

The 9.0.5. finally hit me – and straight on the head.

As you know, I’m a casual player, and I’m pretty vacant about my power-ups, BiS and whatever affects my damage output. I’ve picked Covenants due to how they feel concerning my certain character’s looks and lore, and I never cared about special Covenant abilities: if they could be woven into my rotation, good, if not – well, they might be on the shelf. Until now.

Demon Hunter’s necrolord ability is the weirdest and least convenient one of all. Previously, as you press the button, you have to distract yourself for a spawning hostile demon, insta-kill it with a Throw Glaive, and get buff. Sounds the worst, right? But at least you could ignore it until a boss fight, or weave it in cooldowns and/or prep window. There was what, a total control over it.

As of 9.0.5.? The very same, but now demon spawns RANDOMLY, without a button to press. It was quite a nasty surprise in Torghast, as I had like 10 mobs all over me, and another add does not sound great at all – mark you, to slay it you must target it first and have Throw Glaive off cooldown! Furthermore, demon would spawn as you are peacefully crushing Ashen Philacteries, or probably killing a random critter in the open world too.

That seals the deal, as if there’s anything I hate most is things happening out of my control and affecting my gameplay or appearance – be it either a DH demon, or a Sephuz shield effect from Legion. Once I finished my Torghast run and read about this surprise, it was an immediate decision:

Now I don’t have a leather-type Necrolord, and I’m thinking Rottenshield the Rogue, my THE undead would take her place in Maldraxxus. I’m not worried about Renown levels at all – it comes too fast to bother, and I haven’t built any buildings yet, so transition is ok. Also, the armor is upgraded, so I won’t have to buy another set for the precious anima.

What itches me most is the necessity of yet another Covenant campaign story completion. Some hours down the drain, huh :)

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