Trivia: Weapons to Go

My raiding sessions are coming to an end: all Castle Nathria sets are now complete!

It is exciting that wing 3 – Shriekwing, Sludgefist and Generals – are out of my queues now. What we have left to farm is a few spoils from Nathria weapon rack – and the vampire castle would officially be put on a shelf:

I’ve yet several tries yet, so maybe this week? I hope so. But of course one particularly stubborn item could take weeks and months to drop.

With raiding almost out of of my hair, there’s not much to do – or I’d rather say not much interesting to do. This is embarassing and clearly sucks. I’ve goals to complete – particularly all the cosmetic rewards from Covenants, and all my toons would participate to help each other with mounts, appearances and what not. I’ve reputations to grind – albeit through quick emissary sessions, and I’m not even in the middle of my Torghast journey, although I’m making some progress there.

The thing is, what I got on my hands now is not really motivating. Torghast – you know I hate it for being a yawn fest, and endless runs on many toons don’t help a lot. Emissary a day could be fine, but on many toons it’s also a grind. And cosmetics… well, anima farming is least motivating of all. What could be done here is anima pouring out of every source, like azerite/artifact power did. In its current state, it’s as far as the stars, and it just makes me cry :)

Well, I guess as 9.1. is far away, I could take it easy and just chillax. Apart from raids, there will be no grind. I’d rather pick a random toon I feel like playing with and simply do daily/weekly tasks. No pressure, no missed opportunity, no rush. Renowns on my roster are 30+, I’m happy with my gear (in-between 188-197) – so let’s just crawl up and be happy with whatever progress we make.

Yes, WoW in the coming months would be quite boring. The lull time came too soon…

5 thoughts on “Trivia: Weapons to Go

    • Yes, I’m doing SOMETHING in that direction, but in the end of all it’s all about anima grind and simply grind.

      Fae conservatory – I’ve got a ton of seeds and catalysts, but the whole thing is about upgrading to final level and then just 12500 anima for a full recolor set. Mount chances also come at final level. Offerings grind and Court of Night rep is not too hard, but not every day for sure.

      Colisseum of Kyrian stopped me at grind: after first battle I’m supposed to… just go and kill winged animals in the open world before I can craft and continue? Not too inspiring.

      Ember Court itself is fun, but requires an insane prep for a 5-min scenario.

      Stitching Factory alone has palpable daily quests, but no visible goal except rep.

      So far, these special perks are all not that engaging – as long as we have other things to do.


      • You will get your feathers after about 10 kills, so do not despair. Also: a little further into the left wing of Elysian Citadel (next section from colosseum NPC) is an innkeeper ( who sells crate of crafting supplies (about 15-20 of feathers/hides/metal/bones) for 5 medallions of service. Very time-efiicient source, I would say.


    • This whole thing definitely needs some improvement – and the best thing they could have done with it is being a thing in itself. As you enter Conservatory/Court/whatever, and have things to do there daily/weekly, right on spot, which moves you up the reputation/whatever bar. Well, I guess it’s not happening, and this idea is sadly stillborn. Which is too bad, because the idea itself was great.


  1. I’m envious. I’ve only been able to level up a couple leather and mail wearers so far. I have both LFR raid sets for them, but 0/8 for cloth and plate. Hoping I can make the push to get the other armor types done before 9.1.

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