Trivia: Pre-Weekend Checklist

This is Friday, and I’m almost done with raiding for this week, a couple of paladins trying tomorrow to grab the final plate piece and their remaining Bastion sword, intellect version:

It has to do with the thing that less and less runs are required, as we slowly, but steadily kick out the transmogs. So 9.0.5. changes coming in the next week are frankly a month or two late for the party. Even I, with my dreadful roster, would see almost no use in gear vault: now it’s cherry-picking bosses, and I found myself killing an extra, absolutely not required boss this week just to have a vault chance for 3 upon reset.

Anyways, tomorrow by noon I’ll be free from raiding until reset. As you see, I’m adding extra goals and extra columns to my spreadsheet. My path to 9.1. will be paved by emissary and Torghast grinds, and it’s already begun.

Torghast feels like a pain in the ass. I want to complete the story-so-far on alts just for the sake of completion, and get those sweet 1250 anima rewards for the final Bolvar quest. I want to build a legendary, the legendary per alt – probably to current level cap of 235. Am I enjoying the Tower? I do not. It feels super boring and tedious, although sometimes it still manages to amuse me:

Still, the need to crawl the same rooms over and over is nasty, and the thing that I must do that on so many toons doesn’t bring joy either. It’s not that it’s hard at my modest layer 3 on any class/spec – if I die, I do so only by careless room pulls, and never on bosses. It’s just a grind, and I can’t do that without new series episodes or a movie running on a nearby screen – and even so I’m taking a break in the middle of the wing. Torghast, I see it merely as a source of Soul Ash, and the sooner these runs are over the better… until the next patch where we’ll have to go there again. Ugh.

Emissaries and rep grind (the last columns) is a lot more fun though. The variety, the little time spent, the option to combine emissaries (for example, only 4 quests today covered 3 Revendreth emissaries in a row!) and the rewards are really worth doing them. Filling your conduit collection, lots of gold and lots of rep – with an occasional piece of gear, now over 200. The quick review colored the majority of the rep chart green (Friendly step) – it’s a long way to go, but we have plenty of time for that.

And we need a ton of anima.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Pre-Weekend Checklist

    • Seriously, not much. They are mostly game system power tweaks, and hardly concern me. The only thing that caught my attention was Gear Vault boss requirements for raids (as I said, too late for the current party) and some Torghast nerfs which are always welcome.

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