…Like a Protoss Carrier!

Well yes, my preparation – leveling and gearing up step – took me the long 3 months from the expansion launch. And this week I’m finally feeling it to pay off – big time!

This week was the first time when I launched all my roster through Castle Nathria, and all the raiding is done 2 days before the reset, making toons eligible for Gear Vault try:

The raid is finally on a full-scale farming. With that amount of tries I’m crossing out the missing slots at a very good pace – which in turn reduces the number of wings and toons to queue for the next week. Like a protoss carrier from Starcraft, I’m releasing my toons to focus the raid, and they come back with loot until the next assault!

LFRs are now good. Yes, there are and always be people who don’t follow the mechanics, but in general it’s a critical mass of players who know what to do without explanation. I’m always very vocal in chat about explaining the mechanics, doing it in a very efficient and sufficient way, trying to deliver the vital info not only about what you have to do, but also why you do it.

I’m also quick to release my frustration when people forget about basics or worse, didn’t even bother to read chat – although through not direct insults, but rather being sarcastic, as in how people are supposed to know tactics when this wing is only 3 months live? Of course it has to do with many runs I have to perform, and I want my runs to be as time-efficient as possible, so every next wipe is eating away my precious gameplay time. That said, I’m musing about myself drifting into toxic camp, and nowadays I’m just exhausted of worrying. I’m shifting now deliberately to devil-may-care attitude: just doing my job as perfect as possible and let others explain and worry.

While my major focus are raid mogs, I’m also paying attention to collateral Renown and gearing up side goals. During my character raiding session I normally won’t miss a world boss, an emissary or two for Renown levels/sweet, sweet gold, and colelcting souls. 1000 anima may be completed or not, but it normally does, as raid provides about 500 in average, 250 for world boss, and some anima comes from world quests too. Obviously I need 40 Renown on all toons by 9.1., and about 190+ in gear value – this is a very palpable and realistic goal, which is due in a month. Once I have Covenant sets improved to 197, I’ll be saving anima for buildings and/or transmogs. Well, buildings also give access to transmogs!

And I’m slowly weaving in Torghast now. Layer 3 is my ceiling, well it does suffice: Legendary Powers start dropping, and the amount of ash is good. In fact, with raiding done for the week or at all, this is gonna be my primary activity along with emissaries. I need 1 (one) legendary per toon – it may not have the best powers, and I’m picking out of rings and necklaces not to mess up with current and possibly upgraded in 9.1. Covenant armor slots. Just for the sakes of secondary stats and item level, that is all.

One more point of interest currently is the Maw… but on one toon only. Maylune the druid would spend daily sessions from now on to unlock Ven’ari ‘exalted’ and all the perks for others. It’s not too cool to spend time there, but at least it has variety from other activities, and no need to grind on all toons is comforting, so that’s not too bad.

Yes, I’m like a protoss carrier :) Currently we’re attacking Nathria… then we launch our toons/interceptors to Torghast, then we’ll have to see what goals to pursue next!

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