The First Week of Raid Grinds with Increased Drops: Alt Management

Campaigns now out of the way and finished in the first 2 reset days, I’m now totally plunged in the LFR routines, chain-running for transmogs.

My typical character weekly session now includes queuing immediately for Castle Nathria wings where a character might mine the remaining transmogs, and while in queues I would do the souls quest and emissaries, also doing some anima-rich quests. It is not obligatory to finish the 1000-anima quest, because its progress remains through reset. No dungeon runs anymore, thank gods!

What of the drops? Yes, I’d say they did increase, and might now be on the level with the previous expansions. While previously it’s been 0-1 drops per full clearance of all Nathria raid, now I’m getting about 2-3 items. My statistics are actually quite representative, because I have 22 toons on raid duty now, and so far managed more than a half this week! With Gear Vault extra chance upon reset, I think the model now would suffice to finish Nathria sets and weapons in some reasonable time. As you can see on my chart, many toons have already completed their weapons, I’ve got chainmail set complete, and cloth set is technically done too as it appears in the tmog set interface, but it also requires an extra long robe version of the chest piece, hence 9/10 unlike other armor types:

I’ve got another chart running, because weapons are now spread across Covenants, and, for example, gaining a bow/polearm pair for a hunter of fae does not mean that venthyr hunter is done! So I found it better to break the weapon mog range toon by toon, not by weapon/Covenant type:

This is the list of all weapon mogs my toons could get. A colored font means that appearance is collected, black is appearance to go, and bold/cursive means that a character needs a double to wield – for example, even if Melaris already got her warglaive appearance, she has yet another double to farm merely for item lvl sakes.

There was a minor character spec change following the raid experience. While I still enjoy raid healing a lot – and a fantasy and character of my gnome holy priest! – I discovered that tanking does not feel fun this time. If I cringe every time I see queue or a dungeon quest, this can’t be right! So Tobai, THE tank in my roster, now swapped to explore Unholy and will now embrace the plaguebringer fantasy and rotations of that spec.

Mind you, her Blood round across the whole Nathria was quite ok: even if she was 169 (undergeared even for LFR), she sustained herself well enough, dying and rezzed only at Sludgefist once due to other tank’s mistake, and Denathrius twice due to mirror teleport/healer-go-through-mirror-in-time synergy. It’s just it was a bit stressful, and not the experience I seek from raiding today. I simply prefer a more relaxed gameplay with more freedom in the field. Long story short, her Torghast trial in Layer 3 in Unholy was quite fun and easy, so I’ll stick to that!

Oh, and I’m slowly weaving in Maw and even Torghast now :) I’ve picked Maylune the Druid to build reputation with Venari from scratch, becuase, duh, druid ignores no mount Maw policy and can sneak around, while having a decent armor and AoE options… also Shadowmeld racial for extreme situations. That’s a win.

And Torghast Layer 3 is my current layer now. I’m geared enough for it to feel super easy, there’s some decent ash income, and bosses also drop Runecarver memories, which can’t be bad. Still, I’m not a fan of the Tower at all. On easy levels it’s just a mindless grind, and when it becomes hard, well, I’m not a fan of a challenge for challenge sakes. In fact, this is the gif that describes my desired level of challenge best:

In other words, currently I see this part of WoW and Shadowlands as gameplay for gameplay sakes – and it’s not appealing. It’s a nice option for “I have an hour for WoW, not enough for raid – what I’m gonna do?” – to go and earn some ash on random toon if you feel like just pew-pew things. But it still definitely lacks excitement and rewards in my case.

P.S.: Oh, and I got a Remornia pet from Denathrius! Check it out, it will slay the anima wyrms by Oribos flight master if summoned!

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