It’s About Right

My prep journey comes to an end upon next reset:

This week I’ve done all I could considering campaigns. As you see, I’ve got a range of climactic steps 7-9 to complete across my roster, and this is us done with the story and gearing up for Castle Nathria!

I had 8 Nathria runs this week – targeting the missing set slot bosses, and I may have a couple more tonight to maximize my Gear Vault income. Anyways, I’ll cross out the remaining campaigns very quickly on reset days, and from now on I’ll focus only on raiding.

It’s a great chunk of time released as leveling and gearing up is complete – well, most of the time :) It’ll be great to focus on proper endgame. Renown will come naturally while I’m in queues. Anima comes naturally, I’m not farming it yet. The anima earned goes into Covenant armor upgrades just as planned – and only then on building upgrades. I might weave in Torghast just for a change of scenery, but it’s not gonna be a grind in any sense.

In short, the goal now is completing the Nathria set and weapon mogs, and in the process to prepare for the next raid tier – I hope 190-195 ilvl will be enough.

P.S. No rocket farming for me this year :) I did maybe 2-3 runs, and this is it. It feels something so from another world, and in Shadowlands we’re on vacation from everything – including holiday grinds. But yet again, there’s a lot of interesting stuff to do beyond the boring dungeon.

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