More Loot in Raids!

Starting with the next reset on February 16/17, the developers decided to fix a vital problem: loot amounts in raids. The number of drops will be increased by 33%, also weapon tokens are rumored to drop more often. I think they’re doing it before Blizzcon, fixing all casual stuff (anima, loot, class, conduit, and all the rest changes) to focus on really important things in 9.0.5 and 9.1. like lore, gameplay zones and raids.

Do I greet this change? But of course! I don’t really understand the sentiment behind low drops in the first place, and it’s good they listened to players. The previous system in expansions before was just fine: get a nice drop curve, and use tokens to harass the boss you need for extra chance.

Meanwhile I’m still gonna run the raids this weekend – for both chance of drop and Great Vault upon reset. Even with this reduced chance, I manage to collect what is needed to be collected:

Well, there’s also a shitload of weapons across Covenants, and other armor types don’t look so great, so there’s work to do.

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