Reset Ramps Up Boss Anima Rewards

This week’s reset has brought a small but important change, indicating a small relief in anima drought. You can now get 105 anima per Castle Nathria boss, and 175 from Denathrius/Stone Generals. I presume mythic dungeons have also got similar changes, but I don’t know, I haven’t been there and not going to.

Technically this means that you can now easily complete Replenishing Reservoir weekly only by running LFR alone, and apart from weekly, it’s a very welcome, moderately easy extra source of anima.

I, for one, welcome this change not only because of increased anima income – but also a great increase in LFR runs in general! LFRs growing into my biggest activity nowadays, it is super important to me. This change means that queues become a lot faster. Also, more people get all-boss experience, and even those overgeared players who shunned LFR before are coming there for a sweet anima chunk. Eventually this all results in easier and faster runs!

This week will drive most of my toons through chapter 9 of Covenant campaigns – with a very few exceptions, and I’ll be fully devoted to raid transmog grind from now on. Anima earned goes into Covenant armor upgrades until 197 as planned, and only then I would think about building and upgrading things.

A welcome change – yet still, not enough, not enough at all to reach the collectible goals. I expect more from Blizzard in the course of expansion – and soon.

P.S.: Speaking of Covenant campaigns: cloth sets are now all complete!

3 thoughts on “Reset Ramps Up Boss Anima Rewards

  1. A key thing to note. Renown 28 or 29 is a nice goal to hit. I believe it the one that increases the gear level reward. Since I completed that, and I’m now at 30, I got a 207 staff and a 194 dagger as rewards from completing world quests. Adding to that getting the 200 blue text necklace from the vendor for just a few hundred gold, finally got me to 195. The rest of my stuff is 197 anima boosted, and some other 200ish drops.

    Two things I wanted to ask since you are more in tune with things.

    First, I’ve noticed that after reset world quests with anima rewards tend to be 1 or 2, the rare 3, (35) anima token rewards for the quest. Later in the week, by the weekend, I see a few 2’s and 3’s, but now some 4’s and 5’s. I was wondering if the system bumped rewards up as the week progressed.

    Second was something I noticed last night in Revendreth. I’m getting dismounted a lot. And not just the ok my fault driving through 6 patrols. These were guys from the far side of a stairway or bridge dismounting me from a good distance. Ones that prior they would engage and chase before resetting, are not instantly dismounting. Thought maybe they slipped a stealth change in.


    • I’m not actually tracking wq anima rewards, as I’m all into campaigns now. So I might just tick off the emissary quests asap if it has renown, and that’s it. It’s awesome if they slipped an upgrade here too!

      Dismounts are a scourge, luckily I’ve learned my ways around to avoid running into mobs as much as possible :) I believe you could get that leather working item to prevent it?

      Mobs may teleport, call for help and all that :) I noticed one such thing you described, house of chosen path to world boss has guards charging and stunning you from afar.

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      • Yeah, we ran up to the north in Orbios for our 1 covenant quest to complete. I’ve driven through many times without any problems. We only got part way into the big courtyard leading up from the flight plan, and pow, both dismounted, 3 on us, then 4 more swarmed in, and a couple more, then a wandering patrol. I was down to 3% health after popping every cool down. Even use a health pot. If it’s a new change making the world more dangerous, maybe the jailer exerting influence, whatever, it got real old very quickly.


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