How to Catch Up with Renown in Shadowlands?

Renown is a super important metric in Shadowlands expansion, as it provides access to many, many things:

  • Covenant Campaign lore chapters;
  • Covenant Campaign armor – which is the greatest and fastest way to gear up 8 slots to 197;
  • Soulbinds tree levels;
  • Souls from Maw currency income upgrades, which is required to build Covenant buildings;
  • Renown armor access at vendor;
  • A number of pets, mounts and followers – some granted, and some for purchase;
  • Finally, Renown cap is rumored to be requirement for flights later.

Blizzard did a great work with catching up with Renown mechanics. You could easily make up to 10-15 Renown levels a week, so let’s see where it comes from.

All-time Renown levels: these are available weekly, and once you are on the same level with players who earned Renown from the start of the expansion, these would be the only way to get Renown levels:

  • Weekly quest Replenishing the Reservoir – collect 1000 anima.
  • Weekly quest for the souls from the Maw.

Catching Up Renown levels: these activities bring Renown levels based on how much you fall behind. The further you are from the current cap, the more chance you get Renown here:

  • If you level through Threads of Fate, every quest for helping a Shadowlands zone is 1 guaranteed Renown level. As you finish leveling, you will have 5 Renown levels (one for joining Covenant, and 4 for helping zones).
  • Covenant Campaign chapters (once per alt): every next chapter from 3 to 9 you complete will grant 1 guaranteed Renown level – until the final chapter 9 at Renown 22.
  • World boss (once a week): a guaranteed Renown level if you fall behind, so don’t miss it.
  • Emissary quests aka Covenant Callings: as you accept the quest, you already see if there is a Renown reward for completing daily goal. The lower is your Renown, the more emissaries will have this reward.
  • Raid and dungeon bosses: final dungeon bosses (including heroic difficulty) and any raid bosses (including LFR) may drop a Renown level.

Completing these activities could easily take you by 10-15 Renown levels per week.

Example: my warlock Myrki played only 2 weekly reset days after level cap, so she started at 60 with Renown level 5. She completed the campaign, ran full LFR once, did a couple of emissaries and completed collect-anima/souls quests. And this is where these activities brought her:

She could advance even more, but I have other alts to manage!

P.S. I can’t tell if PvP activities give Renown levels too, as I’m not doing PvP at all. But I’d be surprised if it doesn’t!

One thought on “How to Catch Up with Renown in Shadowlands?

  1. I think (but not 100% sure) that you only get Renown from dungeons in the same zone as your covenant. So Necrotic Wake and Spires of Ascension for Kyrians, etc.

    But yeah, catch up is pretty fast. Blizzard did a good job here.


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