Trivia: Gear Curve & Gearing Up Philosophy

The one undocumented happiness I’ve discovered in completing Covenant campaigns, here goes: every replay on another alt has a trick up its sleeve. And that trick is: gearing up.

With every next step you complete you get 1-2 pieces of Covenant armor, which not only upgrades one-two of your slots, but allows to improve the previous pieces to the same level. Upon giving up the final campaign step quest you head to the Covenant armor vendors and have an extra routine of tinkering item levels up throughout your gear! And I’m not even talking about Covenant transmog set which also fills as you progress through campaign. This all keeps you super motivated to do the endgame story run – unlike the previous expansions. My motivation is really impressive!

The campaigns appeared to be very fast to play through. Filling this part of the spreadsheet looks lively, and step 9 means you can upgrade 8 slots to 197 (if you have enough anima). Technically it’s 2 weeks, or 1 reset per fresh alt to do that: week 1 takes you to step 6-7, and week 2 allows to finish campaign and gearing, the impediment being your anima income and Renown levels.

  • I’ve added GV column – this means that an alt has run all required LFRs for the week and can go to Gear Vault for reward on reset.
  • I’ve added Nathria set completion column – color-coded per armor type.
  • I’ve added Spherule column – to track which weapon tokens I am hunting either for gearing up or missing weapon mogs, or both.

Speaking of weapons, I have now another chart:

The chart is not complete yet, as I need to mark grey all the items that are not in the purchase list (for example, they could offer only 2H Axe and no swords/maces) – or that I cannot get due to my current roster. For example, there could obviously be only Necrolord warglaive for me, because I have one demon hunter.

Now, after 5 Denathrius kills, I’m confident with the fight and can lead the raid through /rw fair and square. Out of 5, only 1 encounter posed a lot of trouble – like 5 wipes, the rest were done on 2nd or 3rd try, which is a nice statistics. But what do you know, on Thursday we wiped at Huntsman Altimor for an hour. But all in all, Castle Nathria is on farm. My LFR experience on multiple weekly runs shows: a critical mass of players has been achieved, where most people know what to do without explanation, and about 4-5 per boss that die due to unawareness don’t influence the outcome drastically or at all.

I’ve bought several BoE from LFR for transmog sets. Sure, they cost about 25k per piece, but I simply cannot find any better use for gold now, and it rains from emissaries: you can get 6k per 30 minutes on an alt. So I plan to buy more – less LFR runs, less farm, technically I’m buying myself spare time!

The gentleman’s club I’m completely ignoring now is the Maw and Torghast. I arrive there only to drop new acquired “memories” and collect a weekly soul harvest, and that’s it. I don’t exclude that I would grind Ven’ari rep one day to get all perks, and run Torghast just for a scenery change from raid someday, but not earlier than I gear up from campaigns, and there will be nothing better to do. I see absolutely no need in legendaries – and when I will get them, it’s gonna be a ring or neck no matter what, just not to interfere with the Covenant set.

Well, that was my week of alt management :) Off to the next one – in the very same manner!

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