Castle Nathria: A Peep Into Audience with Arrogance

The final wing went live, and this is how the story of 9.0. ends for all players.

Sire Denathrius encounter was not… too hard? I guess? Well, we had an experienced raid leader who announced in chat what to do, and also reset day’s LFRs are super geared and experienced.

Anyways, there were three phases. On phase one the idea was to kill adds, stay in one spot and move sector by sector sideways as the sword casts its thing. On phase 2, we were supposed to clear the floor from adds. I liked the thing that some of them were on platforms, so ranged only could reach them! On phase 3, it’s just nuke Sire and step away from AoE. We killed him on our first pull.

The final encounter was quite ok for the first raid of the expansion. It’s not too punishing for mistakes, there’s plenty of room to run around, and nothing too dangerous is harassing you if your raid moves correctly. There’s even time to think a bit – a rare thing in raids!

I’d have to see whether the further runs during the week would be brutal – I hope not. But by all means this is a lot easier than G’huun, and not a ridiculous punch bag of Xavius.

With this final boss, you loot Remornia and finalize the arc of Revendreth, imprisoning Sire in his sword under Ember Ward naaru’s surveilance. If you managed to cover the Torghast story so far, there’s an extra scene in Oribos with Anduin/Sylvanas cinematic (leaked in YouTube a while ago), and a small scene where Jailer tries to enslave Bolvar with chains through Helm’s piece, but we don’t let him. Fight for Shadowlands, unite Covenants, we’ll strike as one when the time comes – now we can go farm Renown and anima without lore worries for a while. I should say that this was pretty climactic, wrapping up 9.0. story and setting path to 9.1.

It is very nice to get such a distinct semi-colon in the patch lore, to rest a bit on top of accomplished deeds and be free to just run around, doing whatever you do. I have not expected to have such high spirits when I finished the 9.0. chapter, but I had, and it felt surprisingly good!

One thought on “Castle Nathria: A Peep Into Audience with Arrogance

  1. I did the fight many weeks ago on normal. It was brutal. Even having everyone in discord, everyone positioned correctly just clearing phase 1 was tough. Phase two was so overwhelming with things going on you just crossed your fingers. The kill we got had me on the floor from the 1 to 2 transition. I had a debuff the second you needed to run to the middle and I was spun around, I got pulled in fine, but was dead on landing. I sat back and watched as a full 27 people got whittled down to around 6. I got a conduit reward. And that was the last time I raided. I don’t meet the raid teams minimum gear level and they are on to heroics.


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