Trivia: Alt Management with Fresh 60

I’ve settled with my gearing up routine. The core idea is taking the alts through the campaign, as it is 197 full set upon completion of final step 9. But there is some strategy in action.

As you see, I’ve added the campaign steps columns into my spreadsheet. You could notice that the new alts stop at step 6, and this is the result of week 1/day 1 session. During this first session you manage to scrape out almost all the essential weekly Renown levels without grind – merely by normal gameplay. You complete available campaign steps, do 3 emissaries, kill a world boss, do souls/anima weeklies and probably get another level from a dungeon final boss, and do LFRs for more Renown levels if your ilvl allows it. That takes you to level 15-17 from initial 5, you’re able to do 6 chapters… and then you stop. Your alt day and week is done.

Of course if you’re grinding dungeons and doing more emissaries, you could get more Renown levels during the week and gear up quicker, but this is not the way. I find it more effective to put it away until reset, and then finalize gearing up the next week with the same weekly routines – especially if you consider that you need anima for upgrades. The idea is to exclude grinds!

So, this is it. My routine today is 1 day – 1 alt, and it provides some stunning results. If a 168 set of gear with 200 trinket was bought in Auction House, the first session takes me to raid, and we can finalize the campaign and catch up with major toons – without any grind – on week 2.

LFRs are both fun and not fun. Altimor, Xy’mox and Sludgefist are chokepoints, while other bosses are normally killed on first pull even with unexperienced players. I’m absolutely loving some of the encounters, my favorite being Council of Blood. But all in all the raid seems a little bit uninspiring by ambience (yes, that’s weird). The castle itself is great, but I think the problem is because Blizzard did not go too far with the Covenant enemies: they are mostly an altered version of your allies. Black wings and white wings in Bastion, masked and non-masked Fae, and in case of Maldraxxus and Revendreth you could not even tell friend from foe without the name plate colors. A distinct image of the enemy is super important for immersement!

Also – another small complaint – vampires traditionally split into 2 categories: the ugly crooked elderly Draculas – and the sexy, super beautiful gothic aristocrats enough to create a vast fandom all over the world. Blizzard went all the way through the first archetype, and completely shunned the second, even with the girls with their manly cheekbone faces. I do not say that Court of Harvesters should all be beauties, but major characters should have at least several “awww” boys and girls – starting with the Prince and his closest Curator, Accuser and such. The only beautiful vampire is Sire himself, and well, he’s visually not a vampire, but a devil with his backward goat legs, horns and wings.

What else about recent experiences?

Torghast – I take my words back in terms of being too overtuned. It was very easy for Heltzen the Fire Mage – in her 145 ilvl! – to beat the starting Baine scenario, so I guess nerfs have been done. Also – a welcome change – your alts now can immediately queue to the highest layer unlocked by your main, and don’t have to do it from start. I’m still not planning to pushTorghast further than layer 2-3 on any alt, but yes they listened. What matters to me is that all alts can now go there without pain and suffer for Soul Ash when they wish so.

I’ve completed my first Exalted – yes, it’s just now, with all the alts leveling :) Obviously it was Wild Hunt on my main, and I immediately purchased the super beautiful moth, so far the most valuable Covenant mount:

And another small thing happened:

Yes, I’ve been actively reporting the multiboxing druids, but I could not expect a thank you letter from Blizzard! It was very pleasant to receive this kind of letter, and what do you know, reports work. I’m pleased and intend to send further reports.

Back to the main theme: now that leveling’s done, the next step of gearing up will be super fast. I expect that less than in a month I will have all toons on the same page. Yes, all 22 characters will be ready to farm transmogs in Nathria and subsequent LFR tier. Isn’t the expansion alt-friendly enough?

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