Catching Up with a Fresh 60 Alt

Yesterday was the first day when I’m having my alts all ready for the endgame, and I started the journey with Jellica the Holy Priest.

Well, holy smokes, that was fast!

The catching up progress is intertwined wirh Renown and Covenant gear system, and I must say Blizzard did a great job with that. Let’s see my progress:

Start of the Session

  • Gear level: 166 (168 armor, rings, necklace, 200 trinket from Auction House)
  • Renown: 5 (leveled through Threads of Fate, 1 for joining covenant and 4 levels per aiding zone quests)
  • Campaign chapters: 0

End of the Session

  • Gear level: 170
  • Renown: 16
  • Campaign chapters: 6

Mind you, there’s still an emissary/calling on my quest list that will give me another guaranteed Renown level.

Well, that means that Jellica was able to (and did) already heal in LFR yesterday!

The synergy of the systems is really great. This late in the expansion, you would get Renown levels basically for every sneeze: emissary chests (even if Renown was not announced), dungeon and raid bosses, world boss, obviously the souls and fill-the-anima-reservoir weekly quests. 12 Renown levels in the first day is pretty amazing!

What is more important, they give access to Covenant campaign chapters and Covenant gear upgrades. Once you get to Renown 22, you’ll be able to don a complete 197 armor set – and a 187 weapon of choice by final campaign quest. And this is only a matter of a week or less.

Catching up with a new alt has never been so easy, varied and painless. My toon roster will be on the same level with my alts in no time. Just wow!

P.S. Holy Priesting Torghast solo was ridiculously easy, I would cut through the first experience and layer 1 like a hot knife through butter. Super fast and safe, I’m able to AoE it all down in packs and in a matter of seconds. My mages are crying in the corner, mage depression is deeper with every next class I try in the tower.

Dungeons are hell, raid was super fun to heal!

One thought on “Catching Up with a Fresh 60 Alt

  1. When you said “emissary chests (even if Renown was not announced)” are you saying the quest didn’t show that it would give renown, but it did? Or are you saying the renown was not a quest reward, but when you opened the tribute box there was a renown in it?

    I’ve got some alts that aren’t seeing renown as a reward for some of the callings, so I’ve been skipping those. I’m guessing I should be doing those after all.

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