Radio Silence: What to Expect in 9.1.?

It is fun to speculate on further development of events. As Blizzcon approaches, we might expect a solid 9.1. presentation and announcement of beta-test. What could they possibly prepare for us?

Blizzard has been suspiciously silent about feedback and implementing any major fixes, so I think that the general course of Shadowlands feels ok with them. Apart from Torghast nerfs, we haven’t really seen anything important in the course of 2 months.

Classes would be balanced a bit, as in now this spell does +5% damage and all. Considering gameplay, I truly hope they listened to player community, and anima drought will ease a bit – especially when now it’s lore-justified so well in the raid events. Otherwise I just won’t bother with collections – as I do not bother now.

Lorewise, we could expect the sequel to the Covenant campaigns.

  • Kyrian: walk with Uther on his redemption path, recolor his wings from black to white, explore his attitude to Arthas (and may be have a glimpse of him).
  • Maldraxxus: fight through the last remaining asshole House of Chosen.
  • Revendreth: listen to what trapped Denathrius whispers from his sword, find some ways to wield his powers.
  • Ardenweald: work towards Tyrande’s liberation from the curse.

It is too early to assault the Jailer himself, so we will get another ticket to Torghast and listen to yet another cinematic: we’re almost ready mwahahaha – I will never yield, fuck you Sylvanas, Anduin forced to become Lich King 2.0. – keyword is forced. We all know how this will end: Sylvanas will free him from the grasp, although she will die in a sacrificial act. But not now, it is the events of the final raid.

As for new raid, I expect a minor crap – like a new island pops up nearby Ardenweald, with an old/new breed of devourers. We would stop them from consuming the groves, beating a couple of bosses – probably overtuned – like Crucible of Storms in BfA.

Blizzard would also announce flight requirements – at least they promised it won’t take a year to do so. Expect players swarming around rares and treasures, as I’m 99% sure that “Exploration” meta would be the requirement, and that involves a list of rares, treasures and sojourner quests. I did the lore and exploration of zones of course, but I was idle with rare/treasure hunting, so may be it’s wise to already do this.

All we have to do is wait. There are surprisingly not many issues Blizzard has to solve in Shadowlands! Anima fixes alone would suffice – but with announced flights and a sprinkle of new content (a month of time-gated chapters) and a new small raid it would be a perfect patch.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

3 thoughts on “Radio Silence: What to Expect in 9.1.?

  1. Ugggh. I dread treasures in this expansion. Certainly there are some just laying about you can fight to get to, but then there are the puzzle treasures, or ones located in such odd places they are near impossible to reach. I may just resign myself to ground transit.


  2. One treasure or rare in Bastion requires finding over 100 crystals or something. So, please, no. I’d love to be able to fly more easily than that.

    I’d love not to level any more as well. Have you noticed there are so many portals around Oribos? I mean those gates flying in the distance, not the ones on the floor where you can drop down to the Maw. They could be new worlds! We could explore all kinds of opportunities there. And I am dead tired of levelling.


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