Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions

Yes, I’m very firm with the idea that Shadowlands is probably one of the most alt-friendly expansions. Still there is room for improvement, and I’ve come across a brilliant article on Wowhead that offers a lot of welcome suggestions.

Here’s the link:

Don’t be shy and read the full article. Yet here’s the summary for you lazybones:

My tl;dr list of recommendations to increase the alt-friendliness of Shadowlands are as follows:

– Include a Maw questline skip option past the first run-through

– Prune unnecessary steps from World Quests

– Bring back the one-kill World Quests, but make them tougher

– Make World Quest rewards commensurate with effort

– Offer more gear-centric World Quests

– Fix Bonus Areas’ rewards systems

– Consider opening true multitagging in Shadowlands

– Increase Anima drops in all areas and make them more predictable/commensurate with effort

– Give the Sanctums the ability to trickle-generate Anima, even on a low scale

– Increase Anima rewards of Anima Conductor dailies and world quests

– Make each Covenant Sanctum accessible (and build-able) accountwide. Tie gaining or regaining access to already-built Sanctums to Renown

– Increase gear drops in dungeons and raids

– Make Soul Ash an accountwide currency rather than a personal currency

Oh, and bring back Flight Master’s Whistle!

This is the greatest list that seems not too hard to implement, and addresses every possible known and unknown issue. My biggest wish would be account-wide Sanctums – all about anima drought, yes. I don’t even consider to build literally anything there on alts: four is enough to see all perks.

I do not agree with his baseline though: Shadowlands imo is much, much friendlier than previous iterations. I know :) I’ve been there.

2 thoughts on “Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions

  1. I think you’re correct. Shadowlands is Alt friendly in as far as specific classes do well for certain things. One may excel at the Maw/Tower, others for dungeons raiding, some for working through story. I definitely agree we should be seeing additional anima trickle in. I have a tower locked for anima, working on the second. Even a paltry 10 a day per tower would eventually allow you the possibility of buying up the cosmetic rewards or mounts.

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  2. I read that article on Wowhead last night and was nodding my head the whole way through.
    The things I would most like to see are the skip option for the Maw intro (though at the moment, I only have one more character I still want to bring through… someday), the account-wide Covenant Sanctum (by Covenant, of course), and the Anima Conductor generating a trickle for the Reservoir — and yes, absolutely the Flight Whistle!

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