Trivia: Reset Day & Ignoring Main Toons

This is actually amazing xD I realized that in 30 minutes I will be opening the Great Vault, and only two of my toons visited LFR this week to get something from it. We shall check my theory: these toons killed only bosses they need drops from, so I expect no random shit, only new sweet transmogs!

I was very deep in leveling this week – to the extent that I even ignored emissaries on any of my 60s. The only thing they actually did was seeing the Covenant campaign finale, a couple of LFRs, and then I just got back to leveling. No Torghast, no emissaries, not even a world boss.

I’m on the final leg of my journey now. In a week – I hope so a lot! – the level column will be all 60, and then we could actually play, lol :) The new alts’ path is quite simple: campaign, Renown, gearing up to 190 (I think it will be enough for the next tier LFR), helping major alts with raid transmogs – and acquiring Covenant-class specific ones. For example, even if Jellica the Kyrian Priest does not have to farm armor appearances, she still needs the Kyrian version of staves and wands!

Leveling – and campaigns – are actually quite time-consuming activity, so with this step behind I think the pace will be a lot quicker.

There is no wrong way to play this game, right?

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