Torghast: Why I Don’t Like It (And Probably Never Will)

Before we start, it is important to state that this post is a very personal opinion. I do not chase the chimaera of persuading other players or, God forbid, Blizzard to shun it and throw away as a failed experiment. It definitely has its pluses and audience, but I’m not there. And I’ll try to summarize why.

First of all, I do not hate Torghast per se. Whenever I have to go there, it’s not rolled eyes, and I’m having my moments too while doing the obligatory quests/Soul Ash runs. But keyword here is: obligatory. If I had a choice, I would never enter the tower on repeat.

Let’s start with the issues, the most important of which would be class and spec balance. When I was required to go Torghast at the early days of fresh 60 alts, I’m simply amazed how forgiving it is to some, and how cruel it is to others. I’ve yet to try it with tank and healer classes/specs, but range of difficulty for DPS is just insane.

At 151 just-got-here ilvl, mages would crawl like a turtle on layer one, and rogue would simply lack survival or DPS means to finish the final boss. Then we take a shaman with sufficient self-heals, and while it’s dropping to 50% more often than not, it’s quite well sustained and moves through the rooms quite a lot faster. Then comes paladin which can AoE decent packs without precision pulls. And then goes hunter (survival in my case) that does not seem to need anima powers at all, because she disintegrates everything on her way. Mind you, ilvl is the same in every case!

So, just to be on the same level of easiness, a mage or a rogue should surpass a hunter or a paladin by at least 10-15 item levels, or so it feels. It has nothing to do with how skilled I am at playing the class or spec, as I’m equally moderate (or good? bad?) with all of them. But as your mage gets teleported on a platform in the midst of 5-6 non-skeleton mobs, the only thing you can do is die and take at least a couple with you to make the next try a bit easier. In the very same situation a pally or a hunter would slay them all without a hiccup.

Yes, get geared up and even a mage or a rogue starts to shine – even in the desperate situations as described I can now just AoE the whole crap, but we’re talking of the class/spec equality in the same conditions, and the gap is simply ridiculous. Remembering too well how I suffered with mage and rogue, I just cried when I tried it on a hunter – it was ridiculously easy!

Second, it’s the boss chokepoint at the end of the dungeon. Long story short, you could have a moderately easy time throughout the first 5 rooms, only to find out in the end that you DPS/survival is simply not enough to slay the final big bad – whatever you do. I had a moderately great time on my rogue once, only to find out that I cannot kill the boss, even if I perfectly understand the strategy, my cooldowns and abilities, my anima-power altered rotation, and dodge/kick what is supposed to be dodged and kicked.

Third, it’s the random. In said example, you could retry the run and have another boss pop up which could prove a lot easier for your class/spec, and you could get other anima powers. But are you ready to waste another 30-60 minutes to see if it’s possible, or is it yet another boss that will have those 5-10% you cannot burn through under any cirumstances?

Fourth, it’s rewards. You get absolutely nothing if you failed at the final boss – so it means that you’ve wasted your precious gaming hours down the drain. You’re only motivated to retry if you raid/mythic+ company wants your legendary to be ready by reset – talking of obligatory runs. And cosmetic/fun items are non-existent aside from Twisting Corridors, also not very motivating: you would get a Maw mount on the hardest mode (Twisting Corridors final layer)… to ride the Maw where you play to make Torghast easier? Huh?

I’d say what they need to do about Torghast is:

  • Ensuring that anima power drops would empower the character and thus make the boss possible to kill. If a mage only gets night fae fox, polymorph and maw rat abilities, there’s nothing a mage can do in the grand finale of the run if not overgeared for the current layer.
  • Adding minor rewards so that failure doesn’t seem like time-wasted. At the very minimum all mini-bosses should have an anima award worth of world quest, also a minor cache of Soul Ash – say, 50 – would be great in the intermission broker 3rd room.
  • Obviously, adding other rewards. I’d say some small things like pets, anima and crafting mats’ stashes to be random-found/looted during the run. And I’d say a Torghast mogging set – with a guaranteed token drop from the final boss and/or currency you could get from mini-bosses.

But at its current state, it’s not worth re-runs, and I’m reluctant to rush there even for the one and only legendary I want for my alts.

5 thoughts on “Torghast: Why I Don’t Like It (And Probably Never Will)

  1. I do it when I have to. I got the legendary to 210, running twisted corridors through over 2 hours to get to the end of level 12 on the easiest mode, to face off against a boss with over 1.5 million health, that one shot my wife’s shaman at full health, then me at 100% with buffs pushing my health over 50,000. It made me so angry that we were being forced to do this for a quest. We actually saw the guy that kicks you out. Once we zoned out I just exited the game. I didn’t even bother playing last night to get in one Mythic 2 for a chance at a piece of gear today.


    • I see it necessary to specify ilvl, spec, layer every time me or somebody is talking about Torghast experience :)

      Twisting Corridors was fine for my soloing Frost Mage 187 on layer one up to 12 floor, I killed the boss and quit to do the first 6 floors over for the 3rd quest item. I’m not entering them again on this alt, rewards do not seem required. Other alts may want to do them for quest too.

      As for other wings, I’m fine with re-running layer 2 on alts for Soul Ash, and that’s it. Absolutely no rush with legendaries or a palpable need of them, it’s just nice to have a high level item to ease the next LFR thresholds.

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      • I’m at 188, my wife’s shaman 194. That 12th floor boss wiped out her elemental and us in under a minute. We burned through 6 lives in less than 5 minutes. I can’t see even with a full group wasting several hours in there, especially on higher levels. We have people in guild doing it on level 8, but got to a point where it was just too aggravating to do. I doubt I would run it even if they added anima like you mentioned. Thinking on it, it’s probably a requirement to grind rep and currency in the maw for buffs to make it manageable.


        • We’ve done the normal tower stuff on level 4 for the soul ash, but we maybe run it one night a week. Going to the next legendary level will be awhile, the base item is too costly, and I would need to spend as much in gold or more trying to raise my profession to craft.

          There’s a lot of stuff that seems like it missed a final review on time commitment before implementing.


  2. Reading about how Torghast is so imbalanced between classes and specs and how one can get to the end of a wing and just NOT be able to defeat the final boss, thereby effectively wasting the 30 or 45 or 60 or more minutes spent getting to the end of the wing, has been very discouraging to me to even want to try the place.

    The only lasting reward for running a Torghast wing being the Soul Ash that comes only at the very end of the experience is part of why I think “tedious” is the best word to describe my reaction to it. I spent all that time and had all of that challenging combat just for that? I’m not one for whom the thrill of besting a challenging combat is sufficiently its own reward…


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