Anima Drought: Is It Even Worth Farming?

I had an idea to calculate all anima you need to unlock all buildings, transmogs, mounts for a character – thank gods there were people that did it for me. And the results clearly suck.

In the Night Fae example, you will need 334,000 anima as a final goal – without Covenant gear upgrades and any Adventure Table missions. People are getting about 1000-5000 anima per week, with 1000 being the absolute minimum, and 5000 with hardcore anima grinds. If we take an average number – 3000 / week, you will need 111 weeks to complete all the development and collection goals. This is more than two years!

And we’re talking one character. There are four Covenants and four armor types, so this number could be multiplied by 16 – provided they’re on the same level and doing the same number of activities, which is obviously impossible.

Yes, we were right about farming anima: it’s ridiculously insufficient, the prices are ridiculously high, and even if you’re more or less sitting on your main every day, it would barely be enough by the end of expansion to collect everything. Funny thing is: this is only the first patch rewards, granted they do not add any extra anima rewards later on.

As for gameplay, high-end activities do not reward you with anima as they should. You could get 105 anima from 3 raid bosses, whereas a 2-minute world quest will award you with the same amount and more. Set pieces cost 3500 anima each, so you aren’t even allowed to buy one every week.

Failure, the whole system is an ultimate failure.

As I see it, Blizzard would fix the situation later in the expansion. “Our efforts” help to finish the drought, so the anima flow from different activities would ramp up – bound to Renown levels, or something else. As of now, catch-up mechanics are non-existent. Probably it is scheduled, probably they will listen to players’ feedback, or both, but we could probably expect some improvement later on.

But currently? It is not worth to care about, because… well, it is an impossible target to reach. It is actually very funny how they offered a really vast number of rewards… and I just quit chasing them on purpose, because the whole system is broken. They gave us carrot on a stick, but I already don’t want that carrot. Burnout.

Solution: under no cicrumstances we should care about anima or farm it on purpose in the current patch, because the system simply does not work. Let it flow naturally, accumulate it to 35k cap, and wait for patches to fix the income and reward costs. Where to spend that cap now? My best call is spending them on gear upgrades for alts, and building upgrades, because they mean access to systems and options, and, being buildings, they are unlikely to drop in price later on.

Well, now I have an understanding, so this weight goes off my shoulders. I simply do – not – care anymore :) Either the prices and income will be fixed, or Blizzard artists could shove their beautifully created sets and everything up the system designers asses to rot there forever.


8 thoughts on “Anima Drought: Is It Even Worth Farming?

  1. My hope is that this turns into the Apexis Crystal model from WoD – awful and totally insufficient for the first cycle of content, and then they loosened restrictions and made them very easy to get later with better rewards on them. What feels really bad about anima to me right now is that I just switched raid mains, so the sanctum upgrade work and anima acquisition I did on my paladin is in stasis while I focus on my DH, and I just dinged my priest to 60 and will be very curious to see how the gearing goes there since I can sprint through the campaign and grab all the armor in one shot. I’m willing to bet it goes poorly!

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  2. Unfortunately, level 3 transport network is something you need as soon as possible after the butchering of flightmaster’s whistle… Transmogs also require grateful offerings which you can only gat from Anima Conductor activities, i.e. at least level 2 conductor is highly recommended.

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      • From inside the covenant I’ve used the two mirrors a few times to save a couple minutes getting back to a flight plan. But they would have been better off allowing us to establish a mirror to Orbios, and the central hub in each zone. I usually just hearth back to Shrine or New Dalaran to take a portal. There is too much time wasted flying between zones. It was neat the first time or two, now I just tab out until I land.


  3. I was feeling good. Finished all 9 chapters was there in raid downing the last boss on normal, had a decent amount of anima, then went about raising covenant pieces, got 6 to 190, felt pretty good, then I I saw the note. 195 level for the raid team, and I’m at 183, 10 anima left in the pool, and 350 a pop to raise pieces to 197, even raising 6 pieces would only get me to 186-187, for 2100 anima, and my heart sank. That was it. I’m done with being a part of the raid team, I will never catch up, let alone keep up with these people playing 7-8 hours a day. When you add in having to run the tower, the need to do things in the maw. It’s too many activities


  4. Even without the goal of getting *everything*, it’s a staggering amount of Anima to contemplate. I can’t help but think that there *must* be some kind of increase in the Anima flow planned for later patches. It seems to me that, storywise, it would make sense to increase the availability of Anima by a certain amount in the next patch because Sire Denathrius and his minions would now be canonically defeated, and their diversion of Anima into the Maw at least slowed, if not stopped entirely.
    For now, I think you’re right on the idea that it isn’t worth the stress to try to maximize Anima income and that upgrading gear & systems is a better goal at this point than chasing the plethora of Collections rewards.

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