Trivia: Crawling On

It’s the new reset week, and I’m leading my flagship toons back in the game.

It was super nice that Blizzard required just 1 renown level until campaign quests, not two as usual. That meant I did the souls-Maw run on four toons in half an hour, and then I had a smorgasbord of campaign finales tail-to-tail! By the way: to complete souls quest fast, drop into the volcano area right under the Oribos waystone, then just stand there and kill the stone prison which chain-respawns within seconds on reset day! It works when there are many people doing it – designed to avoid shortage in the manner like quest mob areas work.

The other hint I’ve discovered would be Coins of Brokerage emissary. They drop either from rares or treasure chests. You can do this quest in 3 minutes here, just chain-summon 3 rares and you’re good:

Finishing the campaign allows Covenant armor upgrades to 197 – the final ilvl in this patch, which is actually awesome. It surpasses LFR by 10 ilvl, and there’s nothing I could actually want from this step of content considering gear levels! So, LFRs are now for mog purposes only. Downside: anima shortage! Final upgrades require 300 per piece.

Great Vault and LFR are not too generous about gear – at least they barely drop what I want. Great Vault was particularly nasty this week, offering neck doubles which were vendored immediately. I wonder if Great Vault offers loot only from bosses you’ve actually killed – it seems very likely, so you could plan your tmog runs, skipping the bosses you do not need!

Now I always pick the raid leader option in LFR group finder: my knowledge of tactics is sufficient in both wings for a smooth kill, so it’s nice to explain tactics through /rw messages – and it does make a difference! After my brief explanations we killed Xymox and Court of Blood on our first pull! I’m really, really trained now to explain the strategy in most brief and sufficient manner – thank you, N’Zoth :)

There was a nasty hunter in my recent run, which whined about low dps, idiot tanks, stupid healers, cherry-picking players to insult them for playing wrong and bad, shitty LFR, dumb players all raid long. Guess what? He spent both Xymox and Court of Blood dead, dying in about first 1/3 of encounters. Proves my theory again: those who whine the most – often are the worst players. Dead dps don’t bite :)

I’m crawling, crawling up with leveling! This is insane, but I’d rather run another zone and get more levels on alts than go through chores on major characters :) I guess it has to do with the goal (I want to leave leveling behind) and variety: by the end of my weekly session on a flagship alt I’m just bored with doing the same rotation in every piece of content. With alts, it’s couple of hours in a “new” zone (I don’t do two Bastions in a row, for example) and an entirely new experience! Diversity of Threads of Fate is king: I’m really happy to cherry-pick the quests I want to do at the moment, and I’m super quick at the questlines I need to do over. Now I’m at 2-3 zones done almost on every alt, and it seems like I’ll be taking marathons of getting them up to 60 in one sit: it seems so close after 56!

People talking about Torghast being fun and easy, I don’t think so – yes, here we go again. “Fun” at my 180-190 ilvl is Layer 2, and I’d settle with that. With story quests gone, I have even less motivation to go there, and I don’t really care about legendaries except it’s a needed nuisance.

Looking forward to a weekend of raiding, leveling and other fun!

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