Trivia: Almost Back to the Real World

Tomorrow is Sunday here in Russia, and it marks off the end of the longest holiday in the year (the New Year holiday) for the majority of population – yours truly included. There’s been a lot of WoW on my hands – with desired destination borders still locked, in-between parties with friends and several walks in the city.

Nothing has drastically changed in my gameplay, as I’m keeping up with lore and raiding on my 4 Covenant leaders, and also dragging up the rest through leveling. The chart grows greener and greener every day, which cannot be bad:

As for leveling, it’s about 38-40% left to go. I see that as a primary goal now, a big step which has to be done – then it will untie my hands for a more quick-paced, relaxed gameplay. As you see, I have several extra alts hit 60 already, although I’m benching them for now.

Gearing up is actually amazing. I do and will waste about 30-35k per alt in auction house to supply them with a full 168 set (armor, rings) and a 200 ilvl trinket upon reaching level 60. That immediately takes them to 161-164 ilvl, and I’m almost ready for LFRs.

The next step to gear them up quickly is to run the Covenant campaign. Upon completing Step 8 (as available this week) you can upgrade the full armor set (except rings, trinkets and weapon) to ilvl 190, surpassing the LFR item levels, and Step 9 the next week will allow upgrades to 194. If only you had enough anima and Renown levels, but if you play your new character every day – a bit – that’s gonna happen in a course of 2-3 days.

My flagships have now completed (Kyrian to go) the full Campaign armor transmogs, and are also using this upgrade system – well, because LFR is always my cap gear, so obviously I’m using the better option. That does not mean that LFRs are outdated: we still have transmog sets to complete, weapons and trinkets to collect.

Emissary/world quest gear can be ignored totally. It’s never an upgrade, and 158-181 ilvl range for my 190-ish alts is simply insulting.

Don’t forget about the reputation awards! Revered offers 181 gear – Undying Army provided a couple of 181 rings for Micromantica, which was an upgrade!

Fun fact: I’m actually using Covenant transmog sets! At least 3 toons are walking in them :)

Anima is still a major issue. Of course I can collect that Renown 1000 in the course of 2-3 hours: LFRs, 2 weekly dungeons, a world boss and maybe 1-2 world quests would do the trick. My flagships have enough anima to upgrade all their gear (this week: 250 anima per piece!), but they never have anima to do anything, literally anything else. Yes, of course I’m busy with my alts instead of farming the important anima like everyone else does, but the income and reward costs are still simply ridiculous. Blizzard needs to ramp up the rewards for harder activities – like raids and dungeons, and drastically reduce the cost of the prizes: 3500 anima per armor piece (not set, piece!) seems out of boundaries. I’d say 3500 per armor set! Mounts could cost 5k, yes. Also due to gear upgrades, I’m not building anything new – the only upgrade was a gateway to necropolis for Necrolords which I’m not using yet anyways.

LFRs are fine. The new wing opened up, and I’m having fun there! I’ve got almost every tmog from wing one, so when my alts crawl up they will have way less runs to perform, considering Covenant gear ilvl. Less grinds: that’s a win? I’ve just realized that all my flagships are of different armor types, so not only they’re covering Covenant stories, but also raid mogs! Yet, classes still differ in terms of available weapon mogs, and I will make it a thing. I’m absolutely loving the Great Vault: even if rewards start to repeat themselves, it’s still gonna be viable and very much needed.

Covenant Campaigns are amazing. Blizzard really remembered their most successful Suramar, and every week now offers something new. Unlike Suramar, it offers something new 4 times! That also makes the re-runs less bothersome: you don’t do the very same quests on all alts, it’s 4-5 alts even in my case. I’m absolutely loving every next step. Depending on the week, some Covenants manage to blow your mind more than others, but there are no outsiders. I’ll be missing them when they end next week, but Blizzard offered sequel later on, so we’ll be waiting!

Anduin/Sylvanas/Jailer lore is most disturbing. Blizzard writers would absolutely get nothing but my middle finger, if it surfs here:

…and it seems like it goes exactly in this direction. Community is very firm about Sylvanas’ atonement: she does not deserve it. I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Finally, my butt-monkey: Torghast. I’ve managed through endless corridors for quest up to and through 12 floor boss – was not hard. You get quest item for every Twisting Corridors boss, so you may choose to run the first 6 floors 3 times, or do 12 and 6 (my case), or all 18 if you can. I was afraid that I hit the ceiling somewhere at 15-17, and I was not ready for time waste, so I quit after second boss and ran 6 floors over. The amount of power and collection of anima powers is really amazing, but if you like running Torghast for the sake of running Torghast. Well, I don’t.

Torghast still has the very same issues. I hate failing – when it means that I cannot retry unless wasting another precious hour of my gameplay time, and when I pick easier levels where I feel powerful (sure win), well, it’s simply boring. For all the varietyTM, I’ve learned all the rooms already, and there’s nothing new, just an hour-long grind. I simply do not have time – or desire – to grind it with almost non-existing rewards.

Just: nah. Neither for a mage or rogue, who finally feel fine there, neither for pally or hunter which AoE-disintegrate rooms without a second thought, care, or barely needing anima powers at all.

Shadowlands in general: very fun!

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