Castle Nathria: A Peep Into Reliquary of Opulence

The second wing is up this week, and I’d say it’s a super fun wing minute one to minute last.

The problem with this wing is trash and logistics though. Pre-Xy’mox guys, while supposed to be “teaching” about boss mechanics, would wipe out the raid on their own. It’s something you got to be prepared for, and it’s hard to detect the seed bombs in the fray. After all, trash is where you go AoE-crazy, and everything bad should be avoided easily and not without having several seconds to react.

Logistics are my other problems here. When we beated the first boss, we went a long way guided by Accuser and Draven, they set up a portal where we apparently must jump… and we jump into the beginning. Eh?

Right, but I had some extreme fun with the bosses!

Sun King’s Salvation is a rare, and that’s why most cherished healer boss. Damage dealers have little troubles here, and with enough DPS they would even stay idle now and then, waiting for the next wave to arrive. I can’t wait to level up my healer and see how it works for her!

Lorewise, it’s a flavor Azeroth cameo of Kael’thas. Yet again, what’s about the order of bosses and story time-gating? If you keep up with Necrolords or Venthyr campaign, you would see him during the last week under Accuser’s and then player’s care (that is: AFTER the raid events), so if you’re LFR-only player (like me), the continuity of the narrative is broken. Some would argue why Blizzard must serve LFR players, but that’s the point: LFR is a non-competitive see-the-story mode by definition!

Definitely they could try and put him in the first wing, as the first bosses are more or less non-linear and/or are not bound by the same theme. Besides, he’s easy enough to fit the warm-up wing (unlike Altimor, for example).

Artificer Xy’mox is yet another “evil” broker boss of the expansion. The race intrigues me a lot actually, there is much potential for them acting like bad guys – of course, not selling their asses to Jailer like everybody else, but in terms of personal profit.

The encounter is a solid raid-wiper by design, and I am most surprised how both my runs yet, on a Frost Mage and an Enhancement Shaman, ended with me surviving and dealing the killing blow without wipes! There is a lot of player agency involved: placing portals in two different ways depending on current encounter phase, moving seed bombs as far as possible from boss, dodging the killer beams. Both times we slayed Xy’mox, it was barely 1/3 raid standing. Super dangerous and fun!

The Council of Blood is my most favorite encounter so far. I think it does not really matter in which order you kill them in LFR, but experienced players brought different killing order depending on their Normal and up experience. Each of them worked. The encounter is a council fight, kill one-by-one as the rest will heal to full type. Drop the blood puddles in line away from the raid and kill the add asap is not really worth mentioning, but the dance feature!

Deal is: walk into the light beam (personal in everyone) and follow the voice directions and the appearing red circles on the ground. If you don’t, you most likely die. If you do, you get a speed buff.

This is not the first time bosses ordered us around the room – think Azshara who did this during two encounters during her raid. But it’s the first time it’s actually super fun! Easy to perform, and the game insists you do not ignore it – under threat of death – so that you actually get a great visual of dancers moving in unison, not one-two performing and others picking their nose somewhere in the corner :)

Conclusion: I liked the second wing a lot. All the encounters are super fun and easily are among my favorites in the whole raiding experience, not just current expansion. The only thing I worry about is that they put Shriekwing, the first boss in the raid list, to wing 3. Is he really that dangerous?…

3 thoughts on “Castle Nathria: A Peep Into Reliquary of Opulence

  1. I don’t think Shriekwing is that dangerous, but thematically he fits in the third group better. He’s also closer. Wing 1 is the bosses on the left, Wing 2 is the bosses on the right. So Wing 3 is the bosses up the middle.

    There’s no real boss you could switch Shriekwing with in Wing 1 or 2 without making the new Wing 3 very awkward.


  2. That’s because you fight Shriekwing and Sludgefist in the same room, so it’s very convenient placement. You also use the same pillars in both fights!

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  3. I can’t wait for the final to drop. On normal it’s a tough fight, and unless they really have it reduced in difficulty, 10 stacks will easily be the norm.


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