Threads of Fate Leveling Experience

I never regretted about picking Threads of Fate experience for all of my alts except the first two – not even once. As you know, I have this scary alt roster of 22 characters I enjoy playing so much which will (eventually) be on the same level considering ilvl, farming and what not. Currently I’m halfway through leveling:

Threads of Fate offers so much player agency. You are free to pick your own way – a variety of activities like rares, bonus objectives, world quests and Sojourner side questlines allow to mix it in any way you like. What’s most important, it is not linear, so you are free to pick a zone of choice. Traditional leveling does not allow that, and it does not allow skips. So, for example, if you do not like Theotar’s stroll in Revendreth or fighting through throngs of drust in Ardenweald, you will be playing in Bastion and anticipating it with a grimace of despair – way before you arrive there.

All in all the bulk of Threads of Fate will be side questlines which count into Sojourner achievements. Rares are rare, bonus objectives are less than effective grinds, world quests are scarce, and dungeons offer little experience (but don’t you dare to skip their once-in-a-lifetime quests – tons of XP, so it is strongly advised to run them at least once).

Even though you have to run side quests over and over depending on how many alts, it does not wear you out. You do not have to do all of them on another alt to fill the Aid-the Covenant important quest bar, you can do them in any order, so this is player agency again: a choice to skip the quests you don’t like. Variety is king in Shadowlands!

The most importnt thing are Renown levels that you get for completing Tal-Inara’s quests of helping every next zone. By 60 you must have 5 Renown levels, so don’t delay in a zone after you filled the bar: upon 60, the Renown levels you did not manage to get for these quests will be lost forever.

My approach is running a help-the-zone quest for Renown level with an alt, then swapping to another character. It keeps me engaged, as rotations and playing styles differ a lot, so I get a totally different experience and perks during the same quest paths: sneaking through dangerous areas, or having a tanking pet, or being able for massive AoE, or traditional mage suffering. Besides, it keeps my rested XP bonus up at all times.

The obligatory questlines are Halls of Atonement quarter in Revendreth and House of Plagues in Maldraxxus, because they open access to dungeon quests. In Bastion and Ardenweald, you could pick their dungeon quest right in the open world. You may mix the rest questlines as you wish.

Conclusion: Threads of Fate is an excellent option of leveling alts, and the bigger is your alt roster, the more attractive it is. Is it faster than major questline? I don’t think so. While main story provides higher quest density with less travel between hubs, at the same time it has multiple lengthy cutscenes you cannot skip.

I choose Threads of Fate, no regrets.


7 hours before the New Year, this is the last post in 2020. It is strange how I’m not too active with posting during the expansion – well, I’m just playing the game. A lot!

The year was weird for sure. Many changes IRL – non-positive, of course, except for my employer deciding to keep the home office thing no matter the covid situation, that’s been a yes. In WoW, it’s been a decent final patch of 8.3., but it lacked the lore development that N’Zoth villain deserved. Also, N’Zoth did not feel like a major bad guy this time, because the major BfA big bad – the War – has been defeated in October 2019.

Then we had probably the longest anticipation of the next expansion, that was definitely excruciating. The release of Shadowlands was cool. It has its flaws, but they’re really scarce. As I said before, this feels like a totally different game, a vacation from Azeroth and Draenor planets, and not really… Warcraft? That does not make it bad though, it’s super engaging, super fun and enjoyable in most of its aspects.

Like I said before, currently I’m not playing – I’m living in Shadowlands.

I have high hopes for 2021 – probably not with IRL plans, but definitely for WoW. It may be the first time when we cannot even guess where we go further in the next patches – not zones, not bosses, raids or even hints of a future story development. And I would let Blizzard surprise me.

Have a Happy New Year everyone – and see you in 2021, same place beyond the veil :)

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