Trivia: Of Alts, Vault, Campaign & Weekly Duties

Shadowlands continues to confirm its status as the most alt-friendly expansion. My scary roster of 22 characters that I like so much and would like to play them all does not seem excessive, and that’s a miracle. Of course I do not expect them to rush fast forward to endgame – but they really are most enjoyable to level through a zone one by one once the weekly chores for my flagships are done!

The current alt agenda is moving them like chess pawns, one step at a time. Currently almost all of them have done their baby steps and completed their first zone, earning Renown 2:

This approach allows me not to get tired of performing the same rotation throughout the day, to remember the perks and benefits of different classes, and in general to keep them fit. The very same tasks and questlines would be different as you play through them with another class.

My 4 Covenant flagships are keeping up, as you see. Three levels of Renown, 2 weekly dungeon quests (which is great for anima quest), now LFR for all of them, Torghast for campaign quest/some ash, and emissaries while in queues are their reset duties. Of course campaigns are the highest priority, cause lore, and cause they’re great.

New Lore

Campaign step 6 was kinda fun, but not for all of them. Night Fae are cocooned in their domestic affairs with Drust, and despite they offer a brief trip to Azeroth (guess where, considering it’s a Drust problem?), in general they were not that inspiring this week. Grim tidings: masked drust-sworn fae are lost forever, and thus must be purged. No redemption/healing/removal of the drust curse is possible!

Necrolords were also on the downside, because they would naturally see the demise of one of their big bads. Epic as it were, the problem is: we did exactly the same questline for Kyrian the last week. This is a very bad timing, because Kyrian could have easily swapped steps 5 and 6 without losing any narrative logic, and then Necrolord/Kyrian same scenario would be on the same week. But now Kyrians spoiled the story for the Necrolords – their own Maldraxxus story!

Kyrian and Venthyr this week pay a visit to each other’s locations, seeking aid from each other in acquiring a power item for their own needs. Both stories were 10/10, super fun, interesting, and engaging. It is very interesting to see how Covenants are bonding with each other during their campaigns, and it’s so cool to maintain the stories on the same level.


Once at LFR-access ilvl – that is, 170 and up – it finally meets my expectations – and I’m glad to say that it works for all classes, even problematic mages and rogues. So far layer 2 is exactly what I need: I’m in no rush for Soul Ash, and it’s comforting to finally lay waste to enemies on all classes, bosses included. Torghast, with a fork of boring/annoying gameplay depending on layer, would better be boring in my case. My final goal so far is a couple of legendary upgrades, and I think I’m good. I’d rather not go there at all.

Great Vault and Boss Loot

Those participation tokens are fun, and I got some gear – obviously, LFR was my only option as I’m not doing dungeons or PvP at all. Gear comes only from loot table of the bosses that you actually defeated, so I’ll need to consider that as transmogs will be collected. My vault loot on four toons: necklace for rogue, ring for paladin, shaman axe (yes, please), but an off-hand for mage which I cannot use yet because, duh, I wield a staff.

I got some gear from the raid itself too – finally the first pieces for Nathrian sets!

Things I’m Worried About

The Maw is something I’m largely ignoring now. You see, it’s not a comfortable place to be at, and mage is certainly not the best class to survive there. So, even if Micromantica is the only toon that progressed significantly with Ven’ari, I’m putting her on a shelf. I’m thinking that one of my druids will be the actual Maw Walker: ignoring no-mount agenda, cat-sneaking through dangerous places, and boomkin is one of the few classes (at least during leveling) that can AoE down packs of enemies with a yawn. Power, speed, stealth: what else do you need?

Anima is something that I need in insane doses. Many rewards and options have already opened up for purchase, and I can barely allow one per week! I wonder if I should push the grind a little bit? Because now I’m getting only 1000 anima quest and everything that drops during my normal gameplay. This is definitely not enough! But then again, there are other alts that will help with acquiring anima goods when they catch up, and no rush. Eventually I’ll get it all.

One thing is certain: special Covenant perks (like stitching, conservatory, Ember parties or arena) will be done only on one toon.

Conclusion: lore is great, alt gameplay is great, I’m finally in raids, Maw is annoying, Torghast is when-it’s-gonna-end, and I want all that anima :) Someday.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Of Alts, Vault, Campaign & Weekly Duties

  1. The Anima challenge feels really bad right now – I have two level 60s I keep moving on through and while the first feels fine, I can tell that farming the 1,000 a week for Renown and stopping isn’t a sustainable long-term strategy, unless I want to be picking up cosmetic rewards at the end of the expansion (and assuming they don’t add more!).

    I hope it ends up having a multiplier like Artifact Power has the last two expansions, in that I can slowly acquire more or a higher renown level will boost anima acquisition by some amount. They have something like that for the Grateful Offerings since you can activate more locations and make more permanent over time, but so far Anima is a choke point and on my first level 60 alt, I needed far far more of it faster for gear upgrades than I farmed on my main ever in the first month!

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  2. The anima rewards definitely need a boost. I killed a rare and got a single anima token worth 5 anima. I understand the whole “anima is scarce” story line. However, with EVERY thing in the open world gated behind anima (covenant t-mogs, covenant upgrade-able armor, missions, anima conductor) the stinginess on the rewards is annoying to say the least. They have a lot of tuning option for “artifact knowledge” 3.0.


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