Trivia: Pre-Reset Day, Catching Up & Kyrian Issues

This week I was not forgetting about my flagships, and had some good time with my alts.


Micromantica & Schlitzchen are keeping up with their daily (or rather: once-in-three-days) duties to keep up with reputations and stuff. Schlitzchen has crafted her first legendary, grown to 167 ilvl, and today I will try to boost her to 170 so that she too could enter the raid tomorrow.


Torghast is still a pain for some classes. The keyword for success is: self-heals, and you suffer a lot if you don’t have them. I’m thinking now of PUG runs for Torghast for my rogue, because after hard time and a cosmic failure at layer 1 boss I’m crying blood tears. At the same time, a very-very fresh retribution paladin with her 151 ilvl walks layer 2 easily. The balance of classes in this gameplay is too bad for being comfortable. I hope that Blizzard fixes anima power drops, because this alone could and does make you fail. Mind you, the gameplay idea is fine – if only they did a better job for outsider classes, making it less painful for them.

Upgrading a legendary to the next level comes in the form of acquiring 750 more soul ash – or you could earn 2k ash at once, so there is no fine considering time/runs spent, you can safely craft a smaller ilvl first and already use it while running for upgrades.

Catching Up with Renown

Catching up with Renown so far is very great. My paladin just started her adventure with Kyrian, and in one day she’s one the same page as the others! 9 Renown levels, 4 lore chapters and a mount – it’s like if she started with my other Covenant pioneers! I wonder what will happen with catch-up when available Renown will be level 20, or 40 – probably they will give Renown levels for a mere sneeze or fart in your Covenant’s direction, but so far it’s going pretty well.

Also I’ve built 3 structures in anima sanctum with anima I earned through leveling and doing first tasks – that was pretty great.

Gearing Up & Dungeons

Not so much with gear. Alas, it’s still dungeon runs only. I was so offended that Schlitzchen with her ilvl 163 got a world quest with 151 gear reward, that I submitted a suggestion to Blizzard to fix the gear rewards for other things than dungeons. So far it pisses me off the most in this expansion. I don’t want endless dungeon grinds, they became too boring by my 4th toon, and there are many more to run. The only good thing is: after I’m into Castle Nathria, I could forget about dungeons for good, so it’s not like I will be doing them throughout expansion.

By lore, the distribution of dungeon lead-ins is weird. You get the lead-in naturally for Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall and Mists of Tirna Scythe through major questline by leveling any toon. For Halls of Atonement and Theater of Pain you need to complete a Sojourner side questline, there is a built-in lore quest in Sanguine Depths. But you only get a proper introduction for De Other Side/Spires of Ascencion if you’re playing Night Fae/Kyrian campaign. Not only it rips the lore from non-Fae/non-Kyrian characters for the last two, but also spoils it for Fae/Kyrian: by the time this chapters went live they would have run these dungeons many times already. Not too great!

Kyrian Campaign

Frankly they seemed the most boring Covenant and zone, maybe it’s one of the reasons I put it for laters for so long. Yet as you play it, it becomes actually quite cool – even if you know the mild spoilers. Get-a-sanctum-tour and learn-Torghast steps aside (similar in every Covenant), the next 2 chapters were great (spoilers ahead).

Next chapter you travel with Kleia as she tries to bring her first soul to Shadowlands. You go to Lakeshire, Redridge (I wonder if it’s different for Horde characters, I’m having Kyrian Hordies so we’ll see!), and witness Ben Howell guy’s final moments firsthand:

He’s the husband of a flower lady! Remember that hut on the border of Lakeshire?

Long story short, he dies to the recent Scourge invasion, trying to protect his family. We bring him to Oribos only to see that we simply cannot do anything but throw him into the current of souls spiraling from Oribos into the Maw.

That’s how our protege Kleia learns it all and sees the problem firsthand, it leaves her in the mixed feelings, and she has to process this.

The next chapter is exactly when all hell breaks loose, as Forsworn interrupt an ascencion ceremony:

We fight them off from the sanctum – and this is where we get the quest to Spires of Ascension to kill Devos, their leader. The next part so far is about recruiting an owl steward to fix the ruined pedestal, and that we do. The problem with Forsworn naturally stays, Lysonia would pick up the mantle of the leader, and Uther is yet has to be dealt with.

Kyrian campaign is engaging, super beautiful, and there’s actually no option for priest and paladins to pick any other Covenant (unless shadow priest, of course). It is candy for the eye, deep, solemn, and very inspiring. Like I said, after leveling in Bastion I’m never doubting their ways, and I’m not doubting them now.

See, Kyrian are like truck drivers. Their task is to deliver – say, food – from point A to point B, intact, as he took it. If a food truck driver would see starving village on his way and stop to distribute his cargo out of pity, well, then he’s not a good truck driver, and he failed his job, isn’t it? Kyrian Ascended must be impartial, devoid of personal grudges and sympathies to do their job well, and this is the only way the system would work.

And as for Uther cinematic which they showed us again in game during the campaign – well, Devos is like a truck driver who comes to his boss’ office and says: we, truck drivers, now must fight poverty and stop delivering our cargoes from point A to point B! We’d rather solve the problems of the world and deliver them where we see fit! So yes, in hindsight, I’m not with the Forsworn and Devos, I’m with Kyrian.

And as for Forsworn in general , one of Kyrians discussing the matter said the keyword: violence. If you need a tip of the sword to prove your point, then this is a bad idea, bad religion, bad organization. It is that simple.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Pre-Reset Day, Catching Up & Kyrian Issues

  1. I’ve been off for several days. Fingers crossed my new power supply is delivered before 10pm tonight and I will be able to see if that fixes things. If it doesn’t, then it will be awhile before I am able to log in. I’m missing our first raid week, and don’t know if I will ever be able to catch up. As for the few compulsory runs of the tower I’ve done, it’s not bad per say, you keep pulls small and methodically work your way through. But that’s with my wife on her Shaman who is able to toss some heals on me. I’m happy I got some healing back, but I would never attempt the tower solo.


    • Tower is not that bad, but you must always keep the final boss in mind, and always pick anima powers that will help you with the final encounter: power and survival. Everything that says “mawrats”, “polymorphs” and such should be shunned like fire :)

      Liked by 2 people

      • I always grab the buffs that help me primarily stay alive, then ones that increase damage. It has taken us an hour to do a clear, but we hit everything.


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