Trivia: Reset Day

Have a happy reset day everyone! Especially raiders who start Castle Nathria today! As for me, it’s until the next reset of LFR. By the way, due to holidays/covid/both LFR schedule will be super long this time – Sire Denathrius (wing 4) will be available only on February 3. Well, plenty of time to level alts and lead them to transmog hunt anyways, so I’m not in dismay about that.

World Boss starts upon reset, I will need to include this into my routines as a fair source of gearing up/ transmogs. Otherwise, it’s weekly routines again: Renown will give an access to the next lore chapters, so I’m all in! It seems that lore gating with Renown is not unlike Suramar: the schedule of lore content is exactly one step a week. Revendreth are kinda on the downside here, as their campaign is about Sire Denathrius, and they will see the finale in raid way before they get access to all the lead-in quests.

During the last days I was busy with alts climbing up to Oribos from Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Mind you, intro provides 0,9 level experience, so technically I was leveling alts :) Now we’re set and ready for the adventures, Covenants chosen, parked at Sanctums, professions learned and everything:

The statistics are actually interesting, as Horde toons clearly bend to venthyr and necrolords, while Alliance tends to be in kyrian/fae camp. Whatever Blizzard says about no “good/bad” sides, the aesthetics of factions and covenants are crying out loud about the opposite :) Some of the choices were obvious, like Maylune the night elf druid said “I’m home” guess where. There were some unusual choices too: for example, my undead subtlety rogue Rottenshield, most “evil” in spec, class and race, has picked kyrian without a second thought – in general, the choices were made simply by how transmogs look on a certain character.

I’ve made some changes to the roster, deleting several toons – now it’s 11 alliance and 11 horde, only the specs I’m enjoying. I’ve clipped several “lull” toons, Heltzen the Goblin picked the Fire Mage banner from Jakatti the Vulpera (vulpera gone now – not enjoying its thin hands and mischievous casting face), Jagda the Dwarf Elemental Shaman swapped to Huluu the Tauren (feels more natural, and omg omg those barbershop options for tauren nowadays!).

The amount of alts does not feel strained for once. I’m simply enjoying running in Shadowlands, there is no rush, I simply pick the alt I feel like playing and do stuff with it :) Besides, SL is probably one of the most alt-friendly expansions. You do not need the Maw except for weekly “rescue 5 souls” yawn-quest, you don’t need to hoard and grind anima if you don’t feel like upgrading covenant buildings and buy cosmetics (no rush here!) – in fact, level at your leisure and run dungeons to prepare for raids.

You don’t even have to grind Torghast… well, sort of. Legendaries are desirable, but not too obligatory. I’m growing to hate Torghast with all my fibers. My cracking point was when a 155 ilvl rogue miserably failed at boss of layer 1. I mean, there are limits to healing and mitigation cooldowns, and you actually cannot kite a boss with a rogue – if you mean to slay it. Yes, I found this anima power that takes off 1/2 boss health upon engage – only that could help me win. Guess what though? It works only once. When I died (almost succeded), this anima power did not work all the rest tries. Brilliant!

Torghast is pain and tears, and I can’t wait to drop it for good.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Reset Day

  1. >You do not need the Maw except for weekly “rescue 5 souls” yawn-quest

    This week you actually do need it for at least one more quest from Bolvar which rewards you with 100 ash upon completion.

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