Trivia: …And Now We Can Breathe A Bit

I’ve played a lot on my first 3 toons this weekend – running all errands, completing single yellow quests all over the zones, unlocking all the map, dungeons and what not. There we go:

At least now I can relax and sleep well: my main is not in a rush now, as she’s totally ready for the raid and can forget about dungeons for good. Next reset I’m crafting her a legendary, and the rest is small daily routines – mostly Renown and reputation errands.

As for legendaries: the system is customized, there’s a lot of player agency, but if you thought you could craft anyhting you want by doing only what you normally do, you’re so wrong. There is a post incoming about the whole thing.

I’ve seen Revendreth, Ardenweald and Maldraxxus next step of campaign lore, each of them was pretty awesome. Nothing too unexpected, but done very well. Maldraxxus is assembling the Dream Team to tinker and pilot a new necropolis, Night Fae are investigating Tyrande’s whereabouts and deal with her, and Revendreth fails at bending various important lords and ladies to their rebel cause. Can’t wait for the next chapters!

My focus now will be preparing as many alts as possible for Castle Nathria. Starting today, whenever I have spare 20-30 minutes I will drive another alt through the intro, pick a Covenant and park at Covenant’s base: so I could pick it right at the spot whenever I’d like to play it and already be in Shadowlands – with level 51. And I’ll try to keep up with my flagships of course, focusing on reputation and Covenant perks exploring.

P.S. Still dislike Torghast.

P.P.S.: The moment you realize: these red castles on Revendreth map = elevators!

2 thoughts on “Trivia: …And Now We Can Breathe A Bit

  1. I’m feeling very overwhelmed. Choosing a faction just seemed to open up an endless list of must do things. Still need to get 15 more levels in order to raid and I’ve only got 8 days. The info in the game is very lacking, and I am so stressed with this time of year, work, holidays, pandemic, I don’t have room on my plate to research systems.


  2. I can’t imagine doing SL quests on more than 1 char at the moment with my daily routine. Sure, I finally caught up with the story & renown level on my main, so I can breathe a bit as well, but as an avid collector of… stuff, I spend like 3/4 of my gaming session running to a rare spawn location and looking for a non-WM-ON group to kill it, then running to the next one. Considering stupid amount of SL rares that drop mounts/pets/toys – it take a while, and I’m not even covering 100% of these spots, focusing on mount ones mostly. Sure it’s a “first world problem”, and the farm rush will dim down soon as more and more rares will drop their loot, but it is exhausting at the moment to a point where even a thought of doing something on another char makes me sick. Hopefully, with the holiday season I can spare some time for any of my alts.


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