Shadowlands: First Week Impressions & Plans

So, it’s the last day of the first week, and it’s time to look back at the first impressions.


As I said before, the pace is fine. Every next level upgrades the further rewards ilvl, mobs are scaling – all in all the process is smooth and not unlike previous expansions. An unpleasant surprise is level gating: I’ve seen at least two – 58 to complete Ardenweald and 60 to complete Revendreth. The latter is least logical: I mean, why not finish leveling with a leveling storyline? Questionable decision. All in all a couple of extra quest hubs and a dungeon by quest would do the trick, but not cool, not cool.

Threads of Fate is a bliss idea – kind of. You are sent to a zone of choice after intro, wher you have to fill the bar by doing side quests (Sojourner achievement), world quests and/or dungeons, then you may procede to another zone.

The good thing is you can gather reputation and anima in the process, so you come more prepared to level cap. The good thing is variety: it’s not like you have to do all the same stuff all over, you can mix it however you like.

The good thing is that you learn transmogs: unexplicably by level 56 I have collected all leveling sets for my leather toon, even if she’s been only to Maldraxxus and her native Revendreth so far. Some appearances drop on the way during side questlines, but most of them are already learned. This requires investigation – I have not led plate armor toons into SL so far.

Your alts can level up with Sojourner quests and earn these achievements, while learning more about the zones. I must say that side questlines are as good as the main story – my favorites so far are Archives and Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus and Final Atonement in Revendreth, the latter 2 are also lead-ins to two dungeons. Completing Sojourner for two zones + a dungeon + several WQ on the way made Pins 56, so it is pretty fast. Now for Bastion Sojourner, and probably we don’t even have to enter Ardenweald with her.

Conclusion: as I don’t have to worry about leveling mogs, Threads of Fate is a default choice from now on, and I will replay the story in a month or so with an alt when I forget it a bit.

Endgame & Plans

Now I’m bringing up Pins the Rogue of Revendreth, and the fourth alt will be either Oluu the Lightforged – Retribution Paladin (plate armor), which is bound to be attuned for Bastion. So:

  • Micromantica – Cloth, Night Fae
  • Pins – Leather, Revendreth
  • Schlitzchen – Chainmail, Maldraxxus
  • Oluu – Plate, Bastion

My goals for the coming 2 weeks are:

  • Prepare for Castle Nathria LFR and start earning mogs there – now I will have toons for every armor type.
  • Maintain the daily and weekly routines on the first alts
  • Explore the Covenants’ stories, features, vibe and secrets
  • In spare time, level up the rest of the Dream Team – 4 armor types x 4 Covenants

Now I need to take leveling off my hands of my first Fabulous Four – even if it’s pretty fast, it eats away a lot of time. In the endgame, as we know, an hour or two per alt daily takes you a long way forward, so now, as we maintain the firstcomers, I’ll rapidly level up the other two by weekend. Story quests are almost complete at least once (just Bastion Sojourner remains), so there’s no delay here for reading quests. The leveling train is on the rails!

And we shall see about that Torghast, eh?

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