More Leveling: Another Story Round & Threads of Fate Experience

There was a lot WoW playing during the final days of my short vacation, and there are many things to report.

First of all, leveling. I’ve completed the story once again for leveling transmogs – this time on my enhancement shaman.


Seriously though, sometimes I wonder why I main a Frost Mage. When my Micromantica cannot go to the bathroom in Shadowlands without Ice Barrier, Schlitzchen the Shaman just disintegrates everything in her wake! Pins the Rogue behaves in the same manner: for both shaman and rogue I don’t even use my whole arsenal and remembered about obligatory buff spells only by the end of the intro.

This is not new actually. In Legion’s Suramar I had even to change spec for Fire for the first time in this character’s history, because I was dying like hell, and leveling in BfA was painful in the same manner for my mage. So I just have to wait for gear up – then she suddenly becomes not that squishy, and everything clicks in places.

Leveling Speed

Schlitzchen took another full-story round to earn her chainmail transmogs, and without the urge to read all quests, an ability to skip cinematics and the overall acquaintance with zones – that is, the most straightforward way – she hit level cap twice faster – maybe in about 8-9 hours. She also left all dungeons until level cap – to get gear.

There are level chokepoints: you cannot take the final Ardenweald quest without level 58, and you cannot take final Revendreth quest without level 60. So gathering, dungeons or extra quests are advised on the way – although you still don’t have to do them all, just some extra hubs.

Pins the Rogue takes her Threads of Fate route – that is, no-story. You will arrive at your covenant, but this is basically it. You will have a Covenant base, but they don’t give you a tour, or teach you anything about anima, conduits or what not until level cap. Upon joining a Covenant you will have your Covenant abilities unlocked, flight points learned and story achievements marked as “done”.

You could be leveling by doing Sojourner questlines (side questlines), world quests, treasures and dungeons. The goal is to fill-the-bar (“aid Revendreth”) in every of the four zones – it says so in the campaign tab. The bar fills very, very quickly: for example, all I did was a couple of world quests and I’m barely in the middle of my first side questline hub:

So there’s a lot of variety, and you don’t have to do all the same route on other toons.

The good thing is you can earn anima and reputation while leveling, so that’s a catch-up style. And yet, while generally good, I feel like leveling process in Threads of Fate could be somehow improved. I cannot articulate yet how exactly, but something feels off-key. I’ll report back from level cap.

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