Shadowlands Endgame Guide at Level 60: Your Daily and Weekly Routines

The amount of Shadowlands endgame content is vast and complex. Unlike the previous expansions, there’s a lot going on, multiple currencies, systems and what not. It is very confusing for a newbie – like myself – and the most important thing is settling down with routines of daily and weekly quests.

This crash-course guide is intended to explain it in a trivial manner and start your endgame in the most comfortable way without worrying you’ve missed anything important at level cap.

Let’s start with explanation of what you need to earn, and then summarize it in a short list of daily and weekly must-dos. Naturally, you need to complete all endgame intro stories and join a Covenant first.

Resources and Currency

Reputation: works in the same manner as in previous expansions and comes mostly from world quests and emissaries. You can earn reputation with all the Covenants, and you will unlock most rewards and recipes by Revered – visit all quartermasters to see what faction to focus on. Exalted grants you cosmetic and mounts. You do not need reputation to fly later. Technically the sole purpose of reputation in Shadowlands is quartermaster’s goods and achievements.

Anima: this is garrison resources for you. It comes from completing any world quest, some world quests have anima reward. Dungeon bosses, rares and chests would have anima items too. If you get anima items, use them at your Covenant anima reservoir (one click for all) to convert them into usable currency.

There is a weekly quest to collect 1000 anima – that could be easily done in 1-2 days. Important note: don’t hesitate to spend you anima – the quest counter shows anima earned, not anima owned.

Anima is spent for 4 major things: table missions (aka Adventure Table), Covenant features, a vast majority of cosmtic awards and Covenant Campaign gear upgrades up to ivl 194. Adventure table works the very same way as before.

The features include:

  • Transportation System (quick access to areas in your Covenant zone)
  • Adventure Table (upgrading it)
  • Anima Conductor (pick an area to channel anima to get special things there – for example, make a mount-dropping rare vulnerable to damage),
  • Finally, a special Covenant flavor perk – for example, Night Fae will have a garden to grow, and Necrolords will build an abomination.
Anima Conductor functioning

I suggest to relax and let it flow: it is clearly intended for a lengthy upgrade, and it does not influence your character power directly. Eventually you will unlock everything.

Renown: the levels of Renown are super important.

  • Renown will be required for flying later.
  • Renown unlocks your Covenant campaign steps.
  • Renown unlocks your Soul Conduit system (aka artifact weapon/azerite perk) tree levels.
  • Finally, higher levels of Renown will allow to talk to special NPCs in your Covenant.

You start at level one as you join Covenant, and you can earn 2 Renown levels per week by completing 2 quests: one, getting 5 souls from a Torghast run, two, collecting 1000 anima. Both are quick and super easy to complete. Covenant campaign story quests will give you extra Renown level. For Threads of Fate leveling alts, completing “aid Covenant” quest grants 1 Renown level, so if you helped all 4, you will hit level cap with Renown level 5 (1 basic and 4 for quests – it’s a catch-up mechanic). There is a built-in catch up system too: you may get Renown via multiple activities, like emissary chests, raid boss kills (LFR too) etc.

Check out my Guide: How to Catch Up with Renown in Shadowlands

Conduits: are like gear items which you can earn from raid/dungeon bosses, emissary chests and world quests. They remind of azerite armor or artifact weapon tree perks, but with great customization. You get it, you learn it, then you can insert it in your soulbind tree all you like – pick the ones you need.

For example: I have earned and learned 7 conduits so far. Endurance is for survivability, Finesse reduces my cooldowns, and Potency is a raw damage output. I can use only one Conduit so far, so I picked the one that increases the damage of my Ice Lance:

At any time given I could reassign my tree to other path and/or insert any Conduit I require.

Conduits are spec-specific, so a mage, for example, may want to skip an Arcane or Fire world quest conduit reward if you only mean to play Frost, or you can earn them for your off-spec. Conduits have item levels and rarity – so this is a direct influence on your character gameplay and power.

Stygia: is a Maw-specific currency which will allow to buy the perks that makes your Maw and Torghast life easier. Naturally, it drops from the Maw mobs, Maw rares and Maw daily quests – that is, your Maw life :)

Phantasma: one of the most useless currencies so far :) Phantasma drops in Torghast from Torghast mobs, and could be used to buy perks before a boss fight there. You cannot hoard it, so simply waste it all before engaging a Torghast boss – there will be a vendor there.

Soul Ash: is given to you for completion of a Torghast wing run, as you loot it from final boss, and it is required to craft and upgrade your legendary items. The amount of Torghast grind for Soul Ash depends only on how many different legendaries you will need. Mind you: crafting a legendary does not unlock its apperance for transmog, so people like me can relax.

Now we have an understanding, here’s a list of daily and weekly Shadowlands routines:

  • Daily: complete your Covenant’s Calling (aka emissary quest). The rewards are random, but really, really great at the start. You will get 1500 reputation depending on Covenant you’re helping, aslo trash items ~2k gold worth, conduits and – rarely – gear. You may be required to kill rares/dungeon bosses, or complete quests for another Covenant zone, or gather 3 chests and such.
  • Daily: check out world quests and complete the ones with cool rewards. The most valuable so far are anima, conduit and gear quests. Of course, there are also profession, pet battles, gold, reputation and all – nothing new.
  • Daily: complete the Maw dailies. There are about 2 so far (and extra tasks on the way), and they are done quickly, besides, Jailer will harass you at large by the 3rd quest. I find it impossible to proceed without dying at 3 GTA police stars, and there are 5 Jailer stars in total. Dailies in the Maw will help you to gain reputation and buy upgrades from Ven’ari which will make playing in Maw and Toghast a lot easier. You will need to buy upgrades only once per account, so no alt grinds here!
  • Weekly: visit the Maw for a brief 5 souls quest (currency for Covenant building upgrades) and collect 1000 anima anywhere for quest to get 2 Renown levels. Also complete campaign chapters when they become available – this also gives you a Renown level.
  • Weekly: in Oribos, you will get 2 errands to different random dungeons. This is nice for reputation, also dungeons currently seem like the major source of gearing up (I know, it’s so old school!). Of course you will get gear from emissary chests and world quests, but in very-very limited numbers compared to BfA and Legion! Dungeons it is, if you want to gear up.
  • Sidenote: dungeons that unlock at level 60 may contain HUGE spoilers for your Covenant campaign, so approach with care!
  • Weekly: complete Torghast wings solo or in a group to accumulate Soul Ash for crafting legendaries. Pick Layer (difficulty) that you currently can do – alas, some classes would suffer a lot (my rogue says hi!). Completing a higher layer will give Soul Ash for all previous layers too. You can receive Soul Ash reward for every wing’s layer only once per week.

This is the basics. As you see, it’s not that tasking or long to complete: by experience, it’s about only 3-4 hours on reset day and 30-40 minutes the next days. Anyways, there’s no rush: most importantly, do it at your own pace, explore all the corners and many-many secrets of Shadowlands and have fun!

4 thoughts on “Shadowlands Endgame Guide at Level 60: Your Daily and Weekly Routines

  1. Thank you for the post, it helped ease my anxiety of rushing end game content. This expansion feels more relaxed when it comes to how much time is needed to stay on top of your character power.

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  2. Great Post thanks, found this really useful.

    Probably worth adding the covenant specific weekly task? (E. G. Ember court)


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