Endgame: First Impressions & Picking a Covenant

I’m almost done with all the introduction quests, so here goes:

  • Still struggling with the multiple new systems understanding, but I think I’ll be on the routine rails by weekend. I’ll cobble up a guide I think, it deserves explanation.
  • I think I need a couple of days more to get the whole idea.
  • Reputation is still a thing, and it serves in the same manner as previously: cosmetic rewards, recipes and shit even if you’re not in this Covenant. It is not required to fly in the next patch: only Renown (which is a different thing).
  • Maw is exactly as advertised: by the time you complete your dailies, you’ll be hunted big time. There’s no timer, but every quest and/or aggression against Mawsworn would make it more and more dangerous to the point of no-no, let’s get out of here until the next day. Awesome!
  • Reputation with the Maw vendor Venari ramps up fast! It’s a yay.
  • Torghast is kinda… boring. It’s a no-brainer with little immersion gameplay, and I would do it only the number of times needed. I guess I’m on the same page here as with mythic dungeons: tried a couple of times, and quit for good. I guess it could be more fun with a group – well, not my case.
  • Many-many secrets and puzzles in the open world, keeps me super engaged.
  • Major (Jailer) storyline done until further notice from Bolvar.
  • Legendary crafting (Runecarver) is on pause until tomorrow: more Maw required.
  • So far I’m mostly on Sojourner quests for my Covenant, anima and gear dailies. There is a lot to explore, learn and in general get acquainted with the world.
  • I’m planning to drive at least 3 toons – per armor type – through the story to earn leveling transmogs.
  • I would skip the story for everybody else.

Joining a Covenant was great. Eventually the choice for my main was between Bastion and Ardenweald, and I picked the Night Fae.

The joining questline included a theatre show, where you and the locals staged some story events of the past two expansions for a vast audience including Winter Queen. It was hilarious, I was laughing like hell! Then there was a solemn joining ceremony, and that brought me to tears of epicness. I guess being with Night Fae is an emotional rollercoaster – which is not bad, on the contrary!

I got an ability to turn into a fox spirit – super cute and super useful. It’s a 12-sec speed buff with a built-in blink – and you can use it indefinitely in any rested area, including Oribos, Stormwind and such. The other ability is a channeled AoE.

Also they immediately gave me the mount:

Questlines – Sojourner, dailies and Covenant quests – really unveil the spirit of Ardenweald folks. What I have not got through the audition tour, it is now fully present: the fairies are adorable rascals, I’m laughing so much at their quirks and witty comments about everything. The tree people are most animesque, and the goat guys are kind and sweet. In short: that’s what I sought for my main’s Covenant, and it’s a 100% bull’s eye. I never regretted my choice!

My next endeavor is gearing up: the Castle Nathria LFR opens in 3 weeks, and by the moment I need to be with 170 entry level. Also it’s time to slowly bring up alts – of course, after dailies are done on my main.

Long story short: it’s a lore and exploration feast, and there are so many things to learn and explore. Me likey.

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