Shadowlands: Maldraxxus Review

Maldraxxus in general could be described in three words: Juicy. Slimy. Silly.

Let’s unroll it one by one.

Juicy. Even at their preview in Bastion quest and Necrotic Wake dungeon I’ve noticed this, but in Maldraxxus it hits you right in the face with its meaty fist! The undead in media (and Warcraft too) are – naturally – in different states of decomposition. Decayed flesh, protruding bones, and, all in all, withering.

Not with the Necrolords though. It’s an oxymoron, but their undeath bursts with… life. All the creatures here are full of health, so to say, a feast of powerful flesh – if somewhat green. They do NOT decay, they thrive and bubble.

And that’s super weird :) However crazy this idea must have been of making the corpses the defenders and warriors, it was kinda… nailed. They are not falling apart – you try to cut through this mass of flesh.

Slimy. Naturally, it’s rotten mushrooms and green floods and puddles fo slime all over the place. Thank gods it harasses you only in dungeon, but as you’re navigating through this cesspool of a zone, you’re like constantly smeared with the goo. Very unhealthy, I must say.

Silly. Ah, there we go. It’s actually everything about this place. First of all, it’s primitive to the bone (pun intended): basically it’s 5 boot camps and an arena in-between them. So there are actually no places to dwell or explore: either you’re training for war, or knocking at your neighbours’ doors to hand their asses to them. However the plot unveils in their campaign further, it’s gonna be fisticuffs.

Second, the plot. Yes, there was treachery, but it’s kinda silly. The whole purpose was to protect the realm of undeath, and now they’re just fighting with each other for reals. Mind you, the anima drought is very prominent in other zones, but here they’re just doing it because they can.

I laughed hard when by the end of the campaign it was simply put:

Yep, just like that :) Because why not? Obviously there are no replacements for the captured authorities at the spot in the whole House of Chosen! Let’s visit a place of no return and risk to lose their most valuable asset (the hero)! Even when it becomes clear that it was a ruse, it does not explain Draka the Good Guy saying: of course we should, it’s our best option! And the hero was like: of course I will go to the Maw, even if I barely escaped due to Anduin’s sacrifice before!

Of the good things: there was an amazing treasure hunting side questline in the tower, the plague doctors were a comic relief, and I liked the cameos of Azeroth denizens – they are actually very big guys from our past. Draka though is very, very bleak – she does not play any significant role beyond explaining us things. Not a word about her past, no personal heroism or achievements – in fact, she did almost nothing.

Conclusion: Maldraxxus is a cesspool (thank gods Blizzard delivers their games without scent packs – imagine the smell). It’s a vibrant, but not a pleasant or interesting place to be at, you cannot align with the Houses that feel fun – all but one are traitors or dead, and the story so far feels quite ridiculous. Also corpses = proud warriors and defenders idea still does not sit well with me, they could talk and talk, but it does not play out. I was afraid of that during trailers and announcements, and my opinion did not change now.

I say: 3/10 points to my liking, and it would probably be only 4 toons to cover the armor transmogs. Definitely NOT a place for my main.

5 thoughts on “Shadowlands: Maldraxxus Review

  1. I’m about 90% through Owl Country, really pushed to wipe out a quest chain last night, an hour longer than I should have. And I went to Hero’s Rest, saw I was supposed to go back to Orbios, and when I saw it wanted me to head to the next zone I stopped. Not falling for that trick again. I’ll go back to Bastion tonight to do a full clear before moving on.


      • I thought I had read you would need to complete the side quests to hit 60? I just need one more chapter done, and I’m still missing the top left side of the map and flight plan. I figure I won’t see any gear upgrades until I’m into the 3rd zone. All of my rewards have been level 90, and my gear is better.


        • I’ve seen on Twitter that you need 60 to complete the final story leg in Revendreth. I hit 60 before that. Personally I did 3 side stories in Bastion and maybe 1-2 in Maldraxxus, then skipped them all until level cap, also ran 3 dungeons by quest.

          As for gear, a new player will be around 54-58 ilvl by 48-50 level, so everything would be an upgrade. I started replacing gear by level 55 – but my 103-105 starting ilvl was the item level of Ny’alotha normal.

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